True of Spandau Ballet

True of Spandau Ballet

Heard the True of Spandau Ballet? Are you familiar with Spandau Ballet band? Spandau Ballet is one of the most familiar bands in Britain. Their name was first known by the masses, throughout Britain in the 1980s when they started to record their greatest hits to which the song “True” was included.

The True of Spandau Ballet was actually the third album of the band. According to some reviews, the music of the True of Spandau Ballet was inspired by a mixture of synthpop and funk. It was released in 1983, but the overall music was highly influenced by soul, jazz, and R&B. Perhaps what is nice to know about True of Spandau Ballet is that it reached number 1 on the charts of the United Kingdom, and it even reached number 1 on America’s top ten.

Because of the popularity of the True of Spandau Ballet, several versions and adaptations of it were developed. To mention, several reports noted that that the True of Spandau Ballet was then considered as the top five single in America and it was in 1991 that the song was sampled by the PM Dawn, a well-known spiritual hip hop act. The track title True was in fact sampled on PM Dawn’s single “Set Adrift on Memory Bliss”, as well as on Nelly’s track, “N Dey Say”.

Now, let’s know more about the personnel who make True number one.

The True of Spandau Ballet was performed by the band themselves. The band was actually composed of Tony Hadley in vocals, Gary Kemp on guitar and background vocals, Martin Kemp on bass, Steve Norman on saxophone, and John Keeble on drums. Let’s know first who really these men are.

* Tony Hadley – He was considered as one of the most celebrated British pop singers in the 1980s. He was the one who led the vocals for the True of Spandua Ballet, and it was actually through his enchanting voice that the track title became a hit throughout the world.
* Gary Kemp – This man was known for his great skill in strumming and plucking the guitar. He is also a British pop artist who happened to be the leader and chief songwriter of the Spandau Ballet.
* Martin Kemp – The brother of Gary Kemp who used to play the bass guitar in the band.
* Steve Norman – He played the saxophone, and sometimes guitar and percussion for the Spandau Ballet. This man was also the writer and composer of “Motivator”, another greatest hit of this 1980s New Romantic band.
* John Keeble – This man played the drums for the True of Spandau Ballet.

So those are the strengths behind the True of Spandau Ballet. Note that they are all considered as few of the greatest pop artists in the whole Britain. Aside from “True”, they were also able to produce a number of the world’s greatest hits.

The True of Spandau Ballet, as an album, is composed of about seven wonderful tracks, with the exception of the song “True”. Included in the list are the songs: Pleasure, Communication, Code of Love, Gold, Lifeline, Heaven is a Secret, and Foundation. All of these are considered throughout Britain and America as some of the best ever written and composed songs on earth, not to mention “True”.