Top-of-the-line Comfort is Just a Gas Pedal Away

Top-of-the-line Comfort is Just a Gas Pedal Away

It’s the dreaded road trip: You have bored kids in the back seat fidgeting, and your back’s aching from hours in the driver’s seat.

All this – just to get to grandma’s house. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be like this anymore. You can enjoy first-class comfort and entertainment without paying a first-class price, right in your own conversion vehicle.

What’s a conversion vehicle, you say? Originally manufactured by automakers, conversion vehicles are modified by specialized companies to meet your needs. Conversion companies like Regency Conversions turn ordinary vans, sport utility vehicles and pickup trucks into luxury passenger vehicles.

Need comfort? A conversion vehicle offers an abundant amount of space with plush seats, your choice in upholstery and a sofa bed option. How about space? These vehicles hold up to six passengers plus cargo and can tow large items such as trailers and boats. Want entertainment? Televisions, VCRs and DVD players, stereos, cellular phones, and video games will keep passengers happy on those long or short trips. And now, you can even get live DirecTV.

Regency Conversions recently selected KVH Industries’ TracVision A5 low-profile

satellite TV antenna as an option in its conversion vehicles. With this compact unit, passengers not only enjoy more than 125 channels of clear programming, but CD-quality commercial-free music, and a backlit remote control so the system can be controlled anywhere in the vehicle.

As your vehicle is in motion, the TracVision A5 automatically finds and tracks the DirecTV satellite – allowing you to watch your favorite shows en route to your destination.

What more could you ask for? From carpooling the kids to taking a long weekend trip, a conversion vehicle, equipped with satellite TV entertainment, is a great way to add comfort, convenience and class to anywhere your car may take you.

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