Tips for an Amazing Spring Break Cruise

Tips for an Amazing Spring Break Cruise

So the dreary winter days of study and concentration are over, and it’s time to take a break – a spring break! College spring breaks offer students a chance to kick back and relax after months of hard work. One way many students celebrate is by taking a spring break cruise. Spring break cruises are fun, exciting, luxurious, and in many ways, safer than traveling to one particular destination while on break. Here are some tips for choosing an amazing spring break cruise.

How to Choose a Spring Break Vacation Cruise

Find a spring break cruise that offers all the party options, entertainment, and amenities you want. Many cruise ships feature a variety of restaurants offering everything from exotic cuisines to pizza and burgers. Also, ask about the entertainment. Does the cruise ship offer modern-day music concerts with the type of music you enjoy? What other types of entertainment are provided? Find out if the cruise has bars, dance halls, a casino, on-board games, and a swimming pool.

Spring Break Cruise Destinations

Popular cruise liners such as Carnival might offer many ships going to different destinations. A popular destination for college spring breakers is the Caribbean. Other popular spring break destinations include South Beach, Hawaii, Panama City, and Cancun. These places have beautiful tropical weather, abundant nightlife, and great beaches. If traveling from the United States or Canada, European cruises usually last two weeks or more, so choose one that will fit in your available time frame. No matter what your destination, being on the cruise ship for the entire trip is not so bad either. Cruise ships usually offer everything you could ever want during spring break!

Choose a Cruise Ship

There are a number of cruise ships that offer spring break packages including Royal Caribbean, Carnival Cruise Lines, Celebrity Cruises, or Costa Cruises. Familiarize yourself with these by researching online before booking a spring break cruise. Shop around to find great deals for the destinations and adventures that appeal to you. Look for all the features you want, and ask a few of your friends to come along. You might receive a discount by ordering multiple tickets. Compare destinations, on-board activities, entertainment, food, and other features before securing a cruise package.

Are You an Adventurer?

Some cruises are geared toward young adults who are seeking an adventure. These may offer parachuting, scuba diving, rock climbing, hiking adventures, or other extreme sports. Book an adventure cruise with a few friends who enjoy the same types of sports. This can be a fun, memorable time with your college buddies.

Cruise Safety for Spring Breakers

A spring break cruise might be your dream come true, but don’t forget about safety. Be careful whom you associate with even while on board the ship. Travel with close friends you can trust and stay with them at all times, especially if you take an adventure excursion or go sightseeing on land. Keep your money and valuables in a locked safe if one’s available. Take a detailed map with you when leaving the boat for a land tour. Also, find out the legal drinking age while on the ship and at its destinations. Have all the proper documentation and identification if traveling to another country. Also, let family and friends know exactly where you’re going, what ship you’re on, and how long you will be gone.

Book your spring break cruise online to enjoy savings and to find the adventure you want. You can check with travel and tour sites such as Travelocity, Expedia, Orbitz, Travelzoo, and others to see which offers the best deal.

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