The Top 5 European Art Galleries

The Top 5 European Art Galleries

Europe is known for its culture and beauty in nearly every form. Those who visit this continent come away with a feeling of high class and social sophistication that is hard to find else where in the world. The continent is full of wonderful art galleries that feature some of the most priceless works of art that are known to man. Set in the old world style with classically styled buildings and such, the art community of Europe is one for the senses.

The Federal Republic of Germany Art Hall is one of the finest art galleries in the entire world. Located inside one of the oldest buildings in the country, the Art hall is nothing shy of amazing. The constantly changing exhibits make frequent visits all the more appealing. The curators work hard to give the building and the art the proper feel with low lighting and high class style. One of the more famous times is the Guggenheim Collection stop. Each year the top galleries from the US loan pieces to the Art Hall for display.

The Paula Modersohn-Becker in Bremen brings about a feeling of the early Victorian Times. The building itself is hundreds of years old and has been completely restored to its natural state. The five year project cost more than seventeen million dollars to complete and required craftsmen from around the world. The current tastes for exhibits run to the modern era with pieces from artists like Renoir and Feininger. Skilled guides make a visit to this site enjoyable and educational at the same time.

The Victoria and Albert Gallery of London has made waves in the world with it’s over the top style of exhibits. They have granted exhibits to some of the most outside artists in the world and have made sure to bring the news to everyone. While it was once thought that this would bring their end it has done the exact opposite. The gallery is thriving and receives hundreds of visitors a day. The current offerings are from the modern era of 1914-1939 with pieces by Ray and Aalto to name a few.

The Fitzwilliam Gallery of Cambridge is becoming more and more popular every day. The main focus of late has been war time art, with images from the world wars and others. There is a collection of paintings and photographs currently on display created by soldiers from the second world war. A portion of the receipts will go the veterans affairs department which helps veterans with disabilities and such.

The Kiasma Gallery of Helsinki is a post modern gallery with huge amounts of appeal. The current humanity exhibit features sculpture and paintings from the world about the acts that humanity commits. The exhibit is very provocative and is stirring the world with its over the top look at life and the people who live it. This exhibit is not for children as certain images contain nudity or are very gruesome.

No matter where you go in Europe you can find a great art gallery. There are many that are more similar to museums than galleries judging by their external appearance but what is housed inside is nothing short of amazing.

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