The Romantic Tango

The Romantic Tango

Everyone knows the tango is one of the romantic types of dance ever created. The tango is a dance that can stand on its own in terms of technique and intricacy, but to separate it from its cultural milieu is to dilute its power. The tango is also the glamour of the ballroom and the allure of the underworld. The tango is improvised, aggressive and erotic. Creeping into the souls of enthusiasts around the globe, the tango is searching for a current musical context. Sexy, promiscuous, and predatory the tango is a dance of sensual exchange. Learning to dance the tango is learning to dance from the heart – with sensuality and with style. When dancing the tango the legs will draw shapes on the floor, while the torso moves and shows a different movement. Today the tango is enjoying a renaissance of popularity, keeping the fire of this daring art form burning brightly. The Tango is generally a slow dance and movements should be smooth and unhurried. One of the most complex and rich improvisational dances is called the tango and it is considered the very fulfilling and challenging of all the dances. The Tango is a dance that is considered social and a couple’s dance this very fact means that everyone can learn and enjoy no matter what type of dance background.

Before long, this new dance had been taken up by the new European immigrants, and the tango, as we now know it, was born. Dance is a universal language. It is a very simple dance, yet it is one of the hardest to master. The various dance forms were very significant to music and concerts of the revitalization and extravagant, many composers are quite taken with the tango, and they love to compose scores to the dance of love. At the end of the day, there is only one way to dance tango: the way you like to dance it. In this dance of the people, which is what tango is, all the famous couples have used the walk, and they use it constantly. To dance the tango you must truly listen and feel the music flow through your body; release all tension in your body, this must be done when pauses and accelerations are heard.

The tango was connected with the middle to lower class; the upper class tried to restrict the music and dance and tried to stop the influence across many cultures. The manifestation of neo tango music in the tango world breaks that ceiling. This style of dancing and music was the 19th century ancestor of the tango, but is still popular in contemporary tango salons. There are three sub-categories of both Tango music and dance: Tango-tango, Tango-waltz and Tango-milonga. The tango has remained romanticized and mysterious because most do not have easy access to the music and is misunderstood in the world. The contemporary expression and music which is being added has a non-traditional back beat rhythms, by doing this it gives the tango a much more modern and contemporary feel to it.

The tango is a dramatic, passionate form of couples-dancing and the tango is also the music which goes along with it. The tango is the expression of love and is something that lyricist and scholars have tried to state in words but it is hard to write what you see and feel. The Tango is a progressive dance characterized by disconnected movement and quick changes of direction. Although musical historians disagree to its exact origins it is generally accepted that the tango is borrowed from many places and cultures.

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