The Revolution LE: A Diesel Motor Home

The Revolution LE: A Diesel Motor Home

Heard about the Revolution LE? Familiar with Fleetwood motor homes? Well, to tell you honestly, the Revolution LE is Fleetwood’s flagship in the diesel motor home line. It is the top-notched product that brought Fleetwood to fame. Now, if you want to know more about this diesel motor home, then there’s no reason for you not to read on.

The Revolution LE, according to some claims, is truly an engineering marvel. It doesn’t only boast a powerful diesel engine and a patent-pending Liberty chassis, but possesses a number of features no one can compare. Included in the list of its remarkable features are the following:

* Fleetwood’s SpacePlus™ Environment – This feature is what makes the Revolution LE a truly remarkable diesel motor home in the first place. Well, as what most reviews have noted, the Revolution LE diesel motor home is highlighted by 84 inches floor-to-ceiling interior height, with two spacious slide out rooms in the front living area. Also, it has two slide outs that can be moved for extra space and these slide outs are located in the model’s roomy master bedroom suite. In addition, what makes the Revolution LE truly remarkable when it comes to its environment is that it provides dual pass-through basement storage with side hanging compartment bay doors that offers a maximum accessibility especially when the slide outs are moved at a push of a button. And, aside from the basement storage, the Revolution LE diesel motor home has an abundant interior storage that was integrated into a roomy linen compartment.

* Deluxe Furnishings – This remarkable feature is actually stressed from the beautifully appointed galley of this diesel motor home to the expansive master suite, and even to the private bathroom. Reviews have noted this feature as for them every detail of the Revolution LE diesel motor home reflects the model’s high end style and fine craftsmanship.

* Exterior Entertainment Center – If you are a music lover or a movie addict and want to give your favorite music and shows some fresh air, then the Revolution LE diesel motor home could no doubt be a good option for you to choose. Yes, an exterior entertainment center is available in this model. So when certain, boring times call for a bit of life, then entertain yourself and your guests in the great outdoors with the full-featured entertainment system of the Revolution LE diesel motor home.

* Tilting Instrument Panel – The Revolution LE also highlights an instrument panel that is integrated with the steering column, giving you the chance to tilt and telescope both the panel and the steering panel into their ideal position while driving. With this feature, it’s no wonder that you will enjoy a better driving while exploring the majestic scenery beyond the walls of your diesel motor home.

There is a lot to be said about the Revolution LE diesel motor home, but perhaps what makes it worth noting is not only the appearance it presents, but more for the performance it shows. The Revolution LE, which is set to continually hit the road on 2007, is said to be capable of giving you a performance that is truly unimaginable. So watch out for the introduction of the newest models in the Revolution LE line few months from now.

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