The Reasons that America Loved Blake Lewis

The Reasons that America Loved Blake Lewis

With a large number of artists, emerging all around the world it is very important to stand out in the crowd. It is even more important to stand out in the crowd when you are auditioning for a show like American Idol. There has been one contestant lately who has done just that, after all do you really like to watch someone who seems exactly like every other musical artist that you have ever seen? Most people like the idea of unique style, which is exactly where Blake Lewis excelled. As a beat boxer he mixed together beat boxing and classical songs perfectly into a truly unique style that was all his own.

If you have ever stopped and watched the American Idol contestants, try to perform various covers of songs they all tend to sound a bit like the original. This is something that is completely different about Blake, not only did he sound completely different than the original, in some ways he was better especially for younger listeners. With the unique mixture of beat boxing and songs that he selected he was able to capture the attention of the audience, without going on stage with a totally wild hairstyle.

The overall draw of Blake Lewis aside from the great beat boxing style that he injected was a truly all American look. As a young guy, he has a sweetness to his appearance that made him loveable to everyone regardless of age. Adults, children and everyone in between loved Blake; he was considered a refreshing change on the show. With the harsh blow of losing to Jordin Sparks, he was still fortune enough to release an album that was his own personal style, but you have to admit, he was able to really bring a personal style to each of his performances.

For example, when was the last time that you have heard an Bon Jovi song mixed with beat boxing? The remixed version that Blake put together was not only completely unique from the original, but also still managed to show respect for the incredible success that Bon Jovi had with the song initially. There was nothing at all that was terrible about the song, it was different, completely his own, and still gave proper respect and credit to the original. This sole performance was a truly remarkable occurrence and allowed a large number of viewers to see Blake in a completely different light.

If you never liked the idea of beat boxing, you suddenly found yourself bouncing along to it. It was taken from this strange “sound” and instead brought into the mainstream where it was thrust into the spotlight. With a large number of people happily dancing around to his performances he managed to leave the audience with a truly memorable performance, which is something that every American Idol contestant strives for each day. Of course, it is never easy to forge a path completely on your own, but Blake proved that not only did he have the courage to do it; he also had the skills necessary. This combined together into a truly special performance every time he took the stage.

Giving top honors to Jordin Sparks was never easy, but he did it with style and with class. He has gone on to be still to this day one of the most unique contestants ever to appear on the show, and while he did not win, nor find huge amounts of commercial success he is still a truly remarkable contestant.

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