The Rat Pack Tickets – See The "cool Cats" Of The Mid-20th Century Live

The Rat Pack Tickets – See The "cool Cats" Of The Mid-20th Century Live

The Rat Pack tickets are not a chance to attend a party, to be part of the “A” list social scene or to spend time with entertainment, sports and political giants of the time who all wanted to be seen with this legendary informal social club. Rather, The Rat Pack tickets are a chance to see how this group of big-time entertainers interacted during a typical day and night, and a look at the story will help explain why interest in these figures and this club continues to this day.

The Group

“The Rat Pack” was a group of friends who met and grew close as contemporaries in the entertainment industry, and the “members” included Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis, Jr. The group was legendary not only for their individual performing talents, as each of them enjoyed incredible success as singers, actors and general entertainers, but it was also famous for its lifestyle.

The Rat Pack was the “in” crowd during the 1950’s and 1960’s in Hollywood, Las Vegas and Palm Springs, and their partying and overall celebratory nature was well-documented in several ways, including the tabloids, television, film and even on-stage. Their stories and legends are still told 40-50 years later.

The Story

The story itself is told with a cast of talented actors and the accompaniment of a 15-piece orchestra, and the setting is Las Vegas, one of the central hot-spots for the Rat Pack at the time. The specific location of the story is The Sands Hotel in Las Vegas, which was also one of the premier hot-spots in the desert city at the time.

The plot centers on a “typical” concert night at The Sands, and Martin, Sinatra and Davis all play prominent roles in bringing yet another spell-binding performance to its audience. Everything that was Las Vegas and The Rat Pack at the time is present in this story – great music, playful banter, partying, conflict, controversy, and of course, curvy and sexy showgirls, all of which were a prominent part of every production this group ever put together, with astounding results and success.

If you were a fan of popular music during this time, or you were familiar with any of the Rat Pack’s members, then you need to see this play. The Rat Pack tickets will deliver a night of multi-faceted entertainment, and you’ll never regret the chance to get to know this group and this scene up-close and personal.

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