The Italian Accordion Music

The Italian Accordion Music

When it comes to accordion music, Italy is the leader. In fact, Italy has been considered as the worldwide leader in quality and production of accordion. This title has remained undisputed for a long period of time, and Italy should say “thank you” to the high quality of this instrument for which the production first began in 1863.

As you may have known, the history of accordion music has been written by the Italian manufacturers. The names Paolo Soprani, Mariano Dallape, Sante Cruncianelli and Silvio Scandalli are all names that have contributed to the fortunes of accordions, which has been making its own way to almost every corner of the world. Perhaps the development of accordion music in the classical genre is due to a large number of Italian musicians and manufacturers who possess great skills in creating samples of outstanding artistic and technical value.

It is further worth noting that although the accordion musical trends over the past decade have identified a somewhat decrease in the demand for these instruments and its quality music, the Italians still continue to manufacture accordions. The products are generally created for those professional musicians who wanted to express themselves through their music and entertain the people at all cost. It is with this continuing production that Italy continues to enjoy an excellent reputation. The tone of the Italian accordion music has in fact been universally considered as the best currently available on the market. And, I guess there is no concert performer anywhere in the world, who doesn’t own, or hopes to own, an Italian accordion music.

Today, it is interesting to know that even though the areas of production in Italy have remained the traditional ones, the technological development has reached some companies in the country that have gone into the production of the fine electronic, coupled with the traditional accordions. This has also been coupled with a number of different creative uses which has been possible to extend with the application of MIDI devices.

The accordion instruments and the accordion music now hold the second place in the line-up of the Italian musical instruments and products that have been exported abroad. And, with the ever growing popularity of Italian accordion music, it’s no wonder that at present there are about 30 accordion manufacturers just in the province of Ancona, which employ 600 people. It is further interesting to know that according to some records, the number of pieces produced for the instrument is a little higher then 12.000 units for a total value of US millions, 89 percent of which are destined to foreign markets, like Japan, European Union and the United States.