The Golden Boy Of Hip Hop

The Golden Boy Of Hip Hop

Hip Hop culture, back in the day, became very well publicized by the media because of one fresh faced kid from Pennsylvania. The public liked him because of his music and because he was so cute and funny. See if you can guess who this mystery character is from a few clues. To be knowledgeable on Hip Hop news and music of the past makes you look informed, and on the edge about all aspects of Hip Hop. So let us begin the journey into the past.

Our mystery person was born in 1968 and from an early age, loved music. Later he met up with a guy at a party in 1987 and formed group. Do you have any ideas yet as to whom it could be? The first hit title had to do with rockin at a house, and it became a hit, going gold in 1988. Hip Hop culture was really impacted when he won an MTV (Music Television) Award for Best Rap. The release that won explained who the DJ was and who rapped in the group. Later the next year it was suspected his group might not survive in the Hip Hop music world because its music was changing to more of an aggressive style and beat.

In 1989, this fresh faced kid went into another area of performing – acting. He really liked in Hollywood and being seen on TV in the US every week. At the same time, he made another record, and its title reminded you of baseball. He really had a Hip Hop hit on his hands with this one. Other hits and awards followed him for the next seven years in his career. One such summertime hit rung the bell for the Hip Hop music industry in 1991 by getting a gold and platinum award. In 1992, their jazzy group won a Best Rap Performance award too. If you cannot figure it out, just keep reading a little more … you may be surprised to find out the mystery person’s identity.

In 1996, he rode a bullet into outer space in a box office movie hit. However, in 1997, along with his getting jiggy fame, our mystery man struck the big time in movies – MIB (Men in Black). Do you know who it is? It is rapper/actor Will Smith. Smith propelled himself into star status, and both Hip Hop and Rap benefited from his talent. In 1998 in addition to having a hit movie with Enemy of the State, he was given the prestigious NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) Outstanding Rap Artist Award. The awards for Hip Hop music and movies just keep coming for Will! Other awards came from the Peoples Choice Awards and the Grammy’s.

Will Smith’s role in Hip Hop gave a lot of recognition to the industry and the music of Hip Hop. Hip Hop music has changed from its early years but it is obvious Will Smith loves what he does, whether he gets jiggy with alien in a dance video, or dances as a Fresh Prince in Bel Air, he loves Hip Hop, and is a good mystery man of choice for Hip Hop.

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