The CD Burner

The CD Burner

Many years ago, owning a copy of your favorite singer
or band would mean going to a retail store or buying
from an online website. With the average song
count, you would spend at least . If you were
one of those who couldn’t afford to buy a CD, you
would probably have to wait for the local radio
station to play the songs you liked.

These days however, several music download shareware
programs make it possible to get your favorite
songs directly from other uses without having to
go out and buy them. These programs will store
the songs you download to your hard drive, or
transfer it to your MP3 player if you prefer.

If you prefer to keep a complete collection of
the songs by storing them to a disc, you’ll need
one piece of equipment for your computer – a CD

The CD burner comes in two forms: internal and
external. External CD burners don’t need to be
attached to your CPU, and they can be connected
to your computer through a USB port with its own
power source. The internal type of CD burner
is the one that attaches to your CPU and fits
on the inside of your computer tower.

The CD burner is quite the piece of equipment
to have, as it can copy from one CD to another
or even from a hard drive to a blank CD, and
vice versa as well.

To use your CD player, you’ll need to have
software. You can find some types of this
software available to download for free on the
internet. Some great examples include ISO
Recorder, Deep Burner, and Windows Media Player.

If you prefer, you can also purchase quality
programs as well. Some examples of these include
Nero, Roxio, and Sonic Record Now. The programs
that are free have the same burning capacity,
although those that cost money will give you
more features and overall flexibility.

Keep in mind that CD burners aren’t limited to
only copying audio. You can also use it to
copy document files, programs, games, videos,
MP3, and many other types of files.

The burners with DVD burning capabilities will
enable you to copy your favorite DVD to another
CD in case you want to share it with a friend
or back it up. You can also burn a movie to
DVD if you downloaded it off the internet,
then watch it on your television or computer.