The Budapest Sun

The Budapest Sun

Heard about the Budapest Sun? You probably have read this newspaper before, or if you haven’t yet and you’re in Budapest, it would be best if you’ll try to get one of its issues.

The Budapest Sun is basically one of the most established newspapers in Hungary. It was created and published in the early 1990s carrying its first name – The Budapest Post. In 1993, the paper was obtained by Jim Michaels, an American journalist who renamed the paper into its present name, The Budapest Sun.

The Budapest Sun first came out in the public with a 16-page black and white paper. It features news, arts and entertainment, and business in this black and white broadsheet. Since its first public appearance, The Budapest Sun has gained several accolades from its critics and readers. Many have said that The Budapest Sun is so far one of the best newspapers ever released in Hungary. With all those praises, the company who then handles the paper started to do some developments on its features and general coverage. The layout and design of the paper were also improved, and The Budapest Sun started to gain its reputation as the only weekly English newspaper in the country.

The original staff of The Budapest Sun was composed of journalists and other professionals who first wrote for The Budapest Post. The management, however, started to hire more media professionals when certain changes and developments started to occur. Some of the changes made to the newspaper are big, while others are small. But regardless of these changes, the complete package of entertainment and pertinent news stays the same.

Today, The Budapest Sun is owned by Westcliff Newspapers, which is but an active member of the general Trust of Daily Mail, one of the biggest British newspapers. The Sun now boasts its tabloid size paper which is colored. On this colored paper, news about Hungary and International are covered and the paper is now circulated throughout Budapest and Hungary on a weekly basis.

It is interesting to know that The Budapest Sun still features nowadays the components of the original Budapest Post, which include news, business, and arts and entertainment. The news are presented on the front page of the paper telling stories regarding the investigations conducted for the dealings made by the United States adoption agency, as well as the decline and rise of the country’s aluminum industry. The business portion of The Budapest Sun tackles issues regarding the Budapest Stock Exchange and the changes made on it. Finally, the arts and entertainment section of the paper talks about the best venues in the city for an ultimate night and day out, the galleries and even the churches. These are carefully catalogued, allowing the readers to find easily the portions they’re looking for. Note that all of these are maintained by The Budapest Sun until these days.