The Apple Ipod and the Nano

The Apple Ipod and the Nano

What do people love about an Apple ipod? These are the cold hard facts people say they love about Apple ipod:

1. The original ipod can hold about five thousand songs.
2. The original ipod can give the user up to forty gigabytes of harddrive space.
3. The original ipod comes with an easy to use wheel.
4. The original ipod also has a battery with a life that lasts up to about 12 hours.
5. The original ipod can also provide you with the ability to set-up a play list.
6. And last but not the least, the original ipod has a shuffle function.

Even with a minimum layout of the features of ipod, users have agreed that the original ipod gives one an exhilarating experience of music.

With basic ergonomics, the Apple ipod has captured the heart of millions of music lovers all over the world.

The Apple Ipod Nano

With the list of facts regarding the original ipod enumerated above, the characteristics of the new Apple ipod nano would reveal a measure of smaller comparison:

1. The Apple ipod nano can hold about one thousand 1,000 songs. That is with the 4 gigabytes version, the one with the full color album art.

2. Another version of the Apple ipod nano can hold about five hundred songs in a smaller four megabytes of space.

3. The Apple ipod nano has a medium sized Click Wheel and a full color screen. With the click Wheel, you can fast forward, rewind, pause, play or access the menus. The full color screen is about 1.5 inches of display.

4. The Apple ipod nano has a battery life that would last to about fourteen hours. Fourteen hours is about a day without charging.

5. The Apple ipod nano also has a shuffle function like the original ipod.

6. The Apple ipod nano is available to make use of the armband accessory. All that is needed is a USB external cord that would also charge the Apple ipod nano.

7. The Apple ipod nano has a skin that acts as a sort of protection for the ipod.

8. The Apple ipod nano also has the iTrip. The iTrip lets you play the music you want via any radio. This accessory is very much in demand when buying an Appled ipod nano.

9. The Apple ipod nano has about the following statistical measurement: 3.5 x 1.6 x 0.27 inches and about 1.5 ounces in weight.

10. The Apple ipod nano also boasts of a perfectly skip-free playback and works well on either a Mac OS X or a Windows 2000 or Windows XP.

11. The Apple ipod nano, just like any other Apple ipod can play music, podcasts and audiobooks.

12. The Apple ipod nano can also hold up to about twenty five thousand photos.

13. The Apple ipod nano can also be used to synchronize contacts and calendars and to do lists.

As you can observe from the available features, what you love about the original ipod, take all of it and try to shrink it a bit and you got the Apple ipod nano. Not yet a believer? Put on the headphones and try to volume up the music. Everything now becomes clear — it is an ipod.

This pencil thin ipod packs into your ears the entire original ipod experience. What makes it unbelievable is despite its small frame, it can still hold a 3 days worth of music and can play for 14 hours straight.

Accessories of the Apple iPod nano includes a leather case, an in-ear Lanyard headphone, armbands, dock where the iPod takes its rest, a radio remote, a USB power adaptor, an AV connection kit and Tubes, the iPod skins.

Integration of the ipod Nano in Cars

Users can take the ipod music experience on the road by seamless integration of the ipod and the car. Top automakers like Audi, Chrysler, Dodge, Ferrari, BMW, Acura, Honda, Infiniti, Mercedez Benz and others have designed elegant solutions to both their new and prior year car models.

Top automakers call this strategy as part of their After-Market Solutions. They have available options to the car user of iPod integration products for use. Available options vary from iPod-ready head units to self installation options as wells as professional interface installation. People now can customize their ride with iPod music.

You can also opt to have iPod integration options from car stereo accessory stores and manufacturers available within your area. They can outfit any car to play well with the iPod nano.