Teddy Bear Songs And Poems

Teddy Bear Songs And Poems

Even though the teddy bear is over 100 years old, it is still one of the most popular toys with children of all ages.

Teddy bears are often the constant companion of small children. The stuffed bear inspires courage in the dark, friendship when we are lonely, and comfort when we aren’t feeling well.

The cute, cuddly, stuffed bears have been known to bring out warm feelings in even the toughest of men. We have been inspired by the teddy bear to the point of writing songs and poetry about them.

One poem entitled, ‘Egbert and Me’, concerns a bear that wakes in the night and sits on the window sill to watch over a child. When pirates break in during the night, the bear quietly fights them off with a sword, and when the one-eyed bogey-man breaks silently through the wall; Egbert scares him off with a fierce look. A wailing ghost comes down the chimney and the teddy bear blows him away with quiet breaths. When the child wakes the bear seems to have lost an ear during the night. When asked about the missing ear Egbert just looks smug and wise.

This poem was written by an anonymous source. This poem shows the comfort a bear can give a child when the night is very scary. Another poem, ‘ A Boys Verse: To My Teddy’, is about a teddy bear that came to live with a child when he was 4 days old, and gave him love without reservation. The boy professes his love still lives for the bear even though they are both 43, and very nearly men.

This poem was also anonymous. The poem tells how we feel about our first, best, friend, even though when we are an adult.

Teddy bear songs are very popular, especially with small children. They love to think of their teddy bears as being like them, a bit more human.

Teddy Bear’s Picnic, seems to be the best known song about teddy bears. The author starts by warning the reader not to go into the woods. If they do go into the woods, they should go in disguise; because all the teddy bears will be there having a picnic. Good teddy bears will have plenty of wonderful food to eat, and under the trees they’ll play hide and seek. If the reader goes down to the woods today they will be able to see the teddy bears gad about, and when they play they like to shout. The picnic ends when the teddy bear’s Mummies and Daddies come for them at 6p.m., and take them home to bed. This was written by John Bratton and Jimmy Kennedy.

Winnie The Pooh sings a few songs of his own. I will include one of them here.

It’s a very funny thought
that, if Bears were Bees
They’d build their nests at the bottom of trees
And that being so (if Bees were Bears)
We shouldn’t have to climb up all these stairs.