Take A Break From Tradition: Unique Gifts You Can Afford

Take A Break From Tradition: Unique Gifts You Can Afford

Finding unique gifts for family and friends can be a challenge for even the most seasoned shopper. Throw in a dash of holiday madness, mass broadcast advertising and several pounds of flyers in your mailbox, and your head might be full of this year’s newest must-have, but not particularly unique gifts. To make an impression, however, toss aside the traditional gift ideas that everyone will be giving and receiving and focus on finding unique gifts that reflect the interests and personality of your gift recipient.

When looking for ideas for unique gifts, think about the person who will be receiving your present. What does he or she like to do for hobbies? Do you know his favorite color or her taste in music or clothing? What does this person need? Is he or she facing any major transitions in the immediate future? Creating an informal profile will help you come up with unique gifts to suit each person on your list.

For example, if you are searching for unique gifts for your wife, take a look in her closet. What colors and styles do you see there? Perhaps you could borrow an outfit or two and take them to a jeweller as inspiration for a piece of custom jewellery like a set of one-of-a-kind earrings made to match her favorite dress. Talk about unique gifts!

A new college student might appreciate unique gifts centered on a school theme, such as a gift certificate to a local furniture or book store, a compilation of his or her favorite songs or perhaps a collage of family photographs or a painting of a loved pet to help decorate a dorm room.

Depending on what you choose, unique gifts don’t have to be pricy gifts. Some of the most cherished and unique gifts are those that are handmade. Consider some of the following:

Unique gifts you can make:

• Scrapbooks – these can be as playful or as elegant as your imagination, and are a great way to store and present photos.

• Ornaments – delightful ornaments for Christmas and other occasions can be crafted with only a minimum of resources. Use common materials such as beads, wire and glue to create lovely and memorable pieces.

• Clothing & accessories – if you can sew, knit, or crochet, the possibilities for unique gifts are endless: using simple patterns, beginners can make hats, scarves, mittens, handbags, skirts, jackets and more.

• Stories, songs and artwork – if you’re a gifted writer, musician or artist it would be a shame not to turn your talents into unique gifts that family members and friends are sure to cherish, so be creative!

If you aren’t the hands-on type, you can also purchase unique gifts throughout the year. Keep others in mind as you browse through craft markets, auction sales or artisans’ fairs, and if you find something wonderful, tuck it away until the next birthday, Christmas, anniversary or other event. Your thoughtfulness will be appreciated, and everyone will be wondering how just you find such perfect and unique gifts.