Succeed In the Music Biz with On-line Submission Sites for Alternative Rockers

Succeed In the Music Biz with On-line Submission Sites for Alternative Rockers

It’s the end of the music industry as we know it. You no longer have to depend on someone who doesn’t get your music to discover you and make you a success. If you’re into rocking a la Alternative, we are excited for you! Alternative Music is one of the leading genres taking the Internet by storm.

Today, with digital technology, the only thing that is holding you back from experiencing a life of infecting your fans with your music is you. With the Internet anyone can get their music out into cyberspace, get some recognition and make some money.

– Will you become rich? –

Getting rich is a possibility in the digital market place. The Artic Monkeys sold 360,000 copies in one week by using the internet to market their music. If you do the math, if they charged, per CD, times 360,000 that’s 3,600,000 – three million six hundred thousand dollars! Getting rich is a possibility in the digital age.

Let’s face it. Every artist and musician could use a little more money. It doesn’t matter what genre you’re in. You know that having a little extra money could help you. It doesn’t matter why you sing or play. You could use a some extra money, to make whatever you’re doing today even better tomorrow.

Alternative rockers are often frustrated with lack of mainstream media attention. Alternative rockers usually feel insulted and abused by corporate record labels. Alternative rockers know that there are many people in the world who appreciate their kind of music. Using internet submission sites allow the alternative rocker to connect with fans on-line and off-line.

In the past, artists and bands needed a record company to pay for everything (studio time, CD dulication, promotion etc.). Today, it’s up to the alternative rocker to get his or her music heard. The Good thing is that it doesn’t cost a lot of money to make your music dreams come true. All you have to do is follow these steps to succeed in the music biz.

Step one, start a record label. It’s very easy and affordable to start a record label. Plus, there are many reasons to start your own record label like; filing taxes at the business level, getting tax breaks that businesses are allowed by the government, becomming a member of RIAA and many more

Step two, build your personal studio. Again this is a very easy and inexpensive step to take to succeed in the music biz. Some advantages of owning a personal recording studio is that you can; take your time to develop your sound, you can make changes that will improve your songs without having to pay thousands of dollars to a professional studio and you can master your music in minutes.

Step three, learn where and how to promote your music. Back in the day you needed to get your music heard on the radio or on a video channel to get enough exposure to make any money selling your music. Today if you can read this article, you can promote your music over the internet and expose your music to millions of people.

Step four, build your fan base. Building a fan base used to require you to get massive exposure on TV or radio and then enbark on endless tours to promote your CD. After all at work and investment, you’d be doing well to have a fan base of a couple thousand fans. Today you can promote your music on many of the Peer to Peer sites sprouting up like; myspace, msnspaces, isound and many more and reach millions. Plus you can build a fan base of hundreds of thousands. If you need proof of this fact just go to and check out the top artist and see how many friends (fans) the top artist have.

Step Five, convert your fans into customers. Having many fans who don’t purchase your music is honestly a waste of time. Fans do fill the ego, but if they don’t purchase your music, they aren’t filling your bank account. Without making money in the music biz, you won’t get respect or the recognition that matters. You’ll have to learn the steps to getting fans buying massive amounts of your music to really succeed in the music biz.

The good thing is all the steps above are easy to do but there can be lots work involved if you don’t take the correct steps.

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