String Quartets Still Outrank DJs in Class, Cost

String Quartets Still Outrank DJs in Class, Cost

While many brides are fretting over their wedding colors or centerpieces, they all have the same opinion regarding their wedding music.

String quartets are the number one choice of brides and grooms according to Chandler Judkins, owner of the most popular musician contractor company in Las Vegas called Las Vegas Wedding Music.

Las Vegas Wedding Music receives more requests for string quartets than any other music group, even though they offer dozens of options including jazz quartets, piano soloists, big bands, and more.

“Our string quartets alone have doubled, if not, tripled within the last two years,” Judkins said. “Las Vegas is fast becoming an elegant city to be married in and that means, more string quartets.”

DJs are known for their affordability and usually nothing more. So couples on a budget might hire a DJ to save a dime, but they are oftentimes disappointed in the service and atmosphere. Those same brides and grooms are quick to state that if they had the funds, a string quartet would be their number one choice of wedding music.

However, string quartets are also starting to outrank DJs in costs. In Las Vegas, DJ costs are skyrocketing and in many major wedding chapels, couples have to foot a ,000 to ,000 bill. Judkins thinks this is outrageous.

“Las Vegas Wedding Music will never gouge couples to make a buck just because this is Las Vegas,” Judkins said. “We want to promote live music so we keep our prices as low as possible. Any string quartet hired for a wedding should cost less than ,000 for a few hours of performing, and if the quartet is only for the ceremony, it should cost less than 0.”

Judkins said that couples should check prices before making a commitment on their wedding music. Couples should also be careful because sometimes wedding coordinators aren’t always honest about live musician prices.

“It’s easier for wedding coordinators to use the same DJ for every wedding, so they don’t have to bother finding a band,” Judkins said. “So many times they state that a string quartet will cost a lot more because of the time they will end up putting in to find that string quartet. They often take a cut off the musician’s price because they have to work to find the perfect band.”

Judkins advises brides to find their own string quartet through a wedding musician contractor. That way they know the musicians will show up, they can hear sound demos of the band, and brides won’t have to pay a coordinator hidden costs to do the work for them.

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“Those who come to me are the brides and grooms who truly know that nothing compares to live music for their wedding,” Judkins said. “No matter what DJs offer, they can never offer the same benefits that a live string quartet offers.”

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