Special Effects Contact Lenses

Special Effects Contact Lenses

Among the Lord of the Ring characters, who scares you most and who amazes you so much? Of all the Harry Potter artists who shocked you to death and made your jaws dropped in bewilderment? Lord of the Ring fans and Harry Potter fanatics will surely take their hats off the special effects director. These two films must have frightened millions of movie watchers around the world with its stunning special make-up effects done on their artists. Did you know that plenty of special effects contact lenses designs have chosen to fit each character?

Special effects contact lenses worn by the artist are intended to cover the natural color of their eyes. These provide the desired look to make each character interesting and downright convincing. Special effects contact lenses are made of silicon hydrogel that is capable of letting the eyes get the much-needed oxygen while covering the eyes’ cornea. Oxygen can pass through this material without requiring the users to remove them every now and then. The thin layer of silicon hydrogel that makes up the entirety of the contact lenses makes them a delicate eye companion pieces.

The designs of special effects contact lenses varied and can be customized according to the preference of the users. The make –up director of films like Star Wars, Terminators, Alien, Predators and the all time favorite Harry and Frodo flicks have their artists wore customized special effects contact lenses. Nonetheless, the designs available in the market are as convincing as those worn in horror and fantasy movies.

Like your ordinary soft contact lenses, the ones used for special effects purposes need regular cleaning. Soft contact lenses are constantly rinsed with daily cleaning solutions every after use. This helps the lenses to get rid off dirt and microorganism that might cause eye diseases including blindness. When cleaning the lenses just follow the instructions indicated in the bottle of every cleaning solution.

Special effects contact lenses are generally disposable. After their intended usage, disposing them off is just but proper. Never be tempted to extend the use of these soft contact lenses because that is what they really are—disposables.

You might ask where to go to just in case you need to wear special effects contact lenses for whatever purpose they may serve. There is no other professional to consult when planning to wear one in the future—your eye specialist. An ophthalmologist in your area can help you examine your eyes and gives you the right prescription.

Don’t ever think that those artist mentioned above just wore the contact lenses all by themselves because if you do you are dead wrong. You can never be complacent in wearing contact lenses because they might pose danger in the long run without the professional’s attention and care. Because once your eyes are damaged you might not at all need a special effects because you eyes might just look horrifyingly real.