Sirius Satellite Radio Receiver

Sirius Satellite Radio Receiver

Sirius Satellite Radio has changed the approach of how people listen to sports, music, entertainment, and news. Servicing from its company headquarters in the Rockefeller Center of New York, Sirius transmits more than one-hundred-thirty digital-quality channels, which includes sixty-nine channels that are a hundred-percent commercial-free music. Additionally, Sirius also has exclusive channels of news, entertainment, talk, weather, traffic, data, and sports.

Satellite radio provides for a wide variety of entertainment options not found with local stations; with satellite radios, it’s no longer just listening inside your car. The Sirius Satellite Radio Receiver is a portable Sirius satellite tuner, playing one-hundred-twenty channels of satellite radio programs in thirteen categories like sports, talk, music, entertainment, and news.

With the Sirius Satellite Radio Receiver, one can choose among sixty-five commercial-free channels for music, save eighteen channels on its “preset button”, find and select music by channel name, song title, or artist/composer. The option on program alert is also a feature of the receiver, which permits the receiver to tune itself at a pre-selected time to a pre-selected channel.

The Sirius satellite radio receiver is readily available in the market and made to meet every subscribers needs. They come in various versions for trucks, boats, aircraft, cars, recreational vehicles, stores, offices, homes, as well as portable uses. The Sirius satellite radio receiver product begins with transportable and portable Plug and Play radios, and carries on to high-end receivers inclusive of powered touch-control display monitors, on top of radios found in new trucks and cars.

The Plug and Play Sirius Satellite Receiver is especially designed for indoor/outdoor location or mount in vehicles. A wireless remote-control is included with every receiver to allow receiver control from across the car or room. It also includes a real-time clock, which is updated through satellite and there’s no need to set it every time. It can also be programmed to shut down following a pre-selected time (fifteen minutes to one hour), as well as be able to adjust contrast and brightness, or temporarily lock the front panel controls or panel with a four-digit password access.

Distributors of Sirius satellite radio receivers for truck, car, home, RV, and boat include Audiovox, Delphi, Alpine, Eclipse, Kenwood, Directed Electronics, Jensen, Eton, Magnadyne, JVC, Pioneer, Monster Cable, Tivoli, Thompson, XACT Communications, Clarion, Brix Group, and Russound. It is also available in over twenty-five thousand retail locations, and can be bought at major retailer stores such as Circuit City, Costco, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Target, RadioShack, and Sam’s Club.