Reggae Dance Halls

Reggae Dance Halls

Reggae dance halls become very popular in the 1980’s. The music had been around for more than a decade and some smaller dance halls already existed. As the disco era was coming to an end, many club owners decided to change the type of music they offered. One of the main choices was to go with reggae. Plenty of people have grown to love and accept this type of music. It was also very popular to dance to and they were able to draw large crowds of people.

Many reggae dance halls also offered the talented of live bands in order to draw in the crowds. It was exciting to see the new bands and their music being performed. Some of them just played the popular reggae tunes of well known bands. Others threw in plenty of their own stuff as well to mix it up. It wasn’t uncommon for some later well known reggae bands to have gotten their start in a very simple dance hall environment during the 1980’s.

Rock and roll has always been big, but around this same period of time it began taking a new turn. There were plenty of bands out there known as creating reggae rock. This type of music was faster and offered a heavier beat. Yet many people loved it instantly, especially the younger crowds. It was quickly added as part of the music for reggae dance halls that were out there.

You will find the styles of dancing to reggae vary by location as well. This is due to cultural differences and spins on things. Even types of reggae dances with the same name are done different in various locations. It can be really fun to watch and see the different moves people have as they go out to the dance floor at any reggae dance hall.

People still love reggae as a form of music to listen to. They also enjoy going out and dancing to it. You may have a reggae dance hall not too far away from you. If you don’t have one you can search online. It may be fun to take a trip a few hours a way one weekend and check a couple of them out. If you are going on a vacation you can also find out where the fun reggae dance halls are in the area. Finding enjoyable night life activities can really help you get the most out of your vacation time.