Realtones and Nametones, The Next Mobile Entertainment Hype?

Realtones and Nametones, The Next Mobile Entertainment Hype?

A long, long time ago in a Nokia factory far far away the first mobile cell phone was build. And with the birth of that cell phone the first ringtone was born: The Nokia Tune. This Nokia tune was the first ringtone of them all, and who could have guessed that it would create a multi billion dollar business in the next few years…

The first ringtone was the nokia tune, this ringtone was a simple one-melodic monophonic ringtone. And it created a huge product to a -then- small market. But the market grew bigger and soon everyone had a mobile cell phone. And then the ringtones became a big business because everyone wanted his/hers own ringtone to personalize their phone. The monophonic ringtones were a big blast in the music industry and the follow-up polyphonic ringtones were even bigger then those monophonic ringtones. The polyphonic ringtones market grew and grew as there came more and more mobile cell phone users. And soon it was time for a new product to introduce to the market: realtones…

Realtones are now the biggest hit in Europe and Asia and will soon be in the USA as well. The newest mobile cell phones support realtones and mp3 sounds. Realtones are based on mp3, and other music formats. They’re no longer simple midi files. But real songs! From the real artists! The realtone is hot at the moment and is only getting hotter and hotter. Because a lot of phones still do not support them. Only the newest high-tech phones support realtones. But in a few years when there are no new mobile cell phones available that don’t support realtones everyone will focus on the realtones. And this business niche will only grow in the future of mobile entertainment. Realtones are already available all over the globe, realtones websites are popping up on the Internet like crazy. And the customers keep buying new realtones for their mobile cell phones. But the realtones still are quite expensive, they’re even more expensive then the full songs bought on Itunes or other online download shops. In fact for the price of one realtone you could easily buy the whole song, and the realtone is only 30 seconds of the song. Also a realtone costs twice as much as the polyphonic ringtone or the monophonic ringtone. But there are still a lot of people buying them.

A different sort of realtones are the nametones. Nametones are realtones where you get called by your name. It isn’t a real song of a popular artist but it’s a standard song but with your name in it. Something like: Hey Pete your cell phone rings, pick it up!

You have different sorts of nametones, there are pop nametones, bubblin nametones, hardcore nametones, r&b nametones and a lot more genres to choose from. But these nametones are mp3 based so your mobile cell phone has to support realtones to play them on your mobile cell phone. Also the nametones are mostly the same price as the realtones.

So if you look at the past when the monophonic ringtones were a huge hype in the mobile entertainment business, and later on the polyphonic ringtones became huge. The realtones and nametones will probably be the next huge mobile entertainment hype.