Rap Songs

Rap Songs

Rap songs have a very big presence in our culture today. Many people find this type of music to be speaking about real issues that people have to deal with. They also enjoy the way in which it is presented. Even if you aren’t really fond of rap music, there are some songs out there that have become so big everyone has heard of them. They may be decades old but still identifiable when they are played on the radio.

There have been very few female rap stars to come our way. One of top rap songs is from a duo called Salt N Pepa. They are considered to be a one hit wonder from the 80’s. There song called Push It really attracted the attention of the music industry though. For many people, it was the first exposure they had of rap music. From there they went on to explore many other artists.

Rap artist Ice T has been well known for his controversial songs. Cop Killa released in 1992 is one that didn’t sit well with many people. In fact, police departments all of the country rallied to get people to ban buying the album. For many though the fact that it was so controversial just fueled the flame to go out and get it.

It seems as if the songs for rap music have taken on a life of their own. They are often critiqued for the lyrics they contain though instead of the music they offer. You will find not all rap songs are about having sex, doing drugs, gangs, or killing the police. Some of them are just plain fun. Others are religious in nature as these artists have found that is their calling but they love the sound of rap music.

There are plenty of radio stations dedicated to playing only rap music. You can listen to them in your car or on your computer. With the popularity of iPods these days you can also download your favorite rap songs and take them with you. Some radio stations won’t play various rap songs though due to the controversial lyrics. There are often two versions of such songs though that you can access.

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Rap Songs

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