Rap Music Charts

Rap Music Charts

The higher up the charts that a rap song ranks the more popular it is in the world. These statistics are calculated by all types of criteria including record sales and radio station requests. You will find rap music charts for individual songs as well as for albums. Some of the various songs end up on the charts for a short period of time while others are on there for weeks.

They may hang on to that top spot week after week until they are slowly moving down the ladder. Most rap music charts list the top forty songs or albums. They also have information on the number of weeks they have been on the chart and the position they were in the week before. These various rap music charts are very important as they get the artists recognized for their efforts.

There are several different compilations of rap music charts out there. This is why a particular song or artist can be ranked differently on them. Some online sites allow the visitors to vote on them so it is based on their personal opinions and input.

You will often find that those rap artists hanging in the top spots on the music charts end up going on tour in the near future. Their promoters are going to get them out there while they are still hot. They will also start to promote them on various late night shows to perform. Their songs also find their way into sporting events and for commercials as well.

For example the song Who Let the Dogs Out is very popular in the rap world. It has been on the charts for a very long time. While it has slipped down from the top spots it is still in the top 25. This is a song most of us are very familiar with even if rap music isn’t our taste to listen to.

It is often those that have been on the rap music charts that get nominated for the various music award shows out there as well. This offers the rap artists even more exposure for their work. Millions of people tune into these music award shows to find out who wins. They also want to see what their favorite rap artists will be wearing and saying throughout the evening.