Radio Jamaica Limited

Radio Jamaica Limited

Radio Jamaica is a radio network in Jamaica that covers general news, the radio network is owned by Radio Jamaica Limited and also has a website presented in English. Radio Jamaica Limited radio stations have provided news and current affairs, extensive sporting coverage, entertaining music, as well as a liberal dash of informative and educational programs.

Touching people’s lives and providing the Jamaican people with informative news has been both the mission and heritage of Radio Jamaica Limited. Embodied in their overall vision is the aim to be the leading Electronic Media Group in the Caribbean by delivering reliable credible educational and entertaining programs through mindful social responsibility and embracing the need to articulate and adhere to accuracy, integrity, truth, and fairness in all things done.

The success of Radio Jamaica Limited has been mainly linked to having strong heritage in media communication, programming excellence, supporting skilled professional creative teams, and intensely protecting the reputation for objectivity. The radio stations of Radio Jamaica Limited are as follows:

Radio 94 FM is a pioneer of radio broadcasting in Jamaica called “voice of the nation”. This station has rich heritage that spans over half a century and is a true broadcast medium that has been relied upon by the Jamaican people as the number one source for reliable information. The station enjoys being on the leading position in the market and is perhaps the most influential radio station in the country.

Radio 92 FM is all about music and sports which are like water and oxygen to Jamaicans. It has been the like of a life force that invigorates them to greatness to run faster, play exciting cricket, develop music admired by the world, and to be the smallest nation to qualify for the World Cup in the year 1988. This station captures the heart and passion of Jamaicans in all walks of life with the electrifying format of “Music and Sports Lifestyle”, which is a format of an intentional blend of famous songs, live commentary, news, and views from the world of sports. The station has four major sportscasts including twelve sports in “Sixty Seconds” headlines, and the award winning “Sports Call”.

FAME FM was launched in 1984 which is the communication group’s music forte catering to young, urbane, opinion-leading, and fashionable target audience. The Fraternity of Amazing Musical Expression or so called FAME is the Entertainment Capital of Jamaican Radio and is the first stop for outstanding entertainment with some of Jamaica’s best radio personalities. Sail Away, Trivial Pursuit, The Inside and Groove Theory, are some of the revolutionary progressive radio of the station for over twenty years, focusing on present music and all features of the entertainment industry.
Radio Jamaica Limited truly touches every Jamaican’s life, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and three hundred sixty five days a year.