Problems and Controversies Surrounding Myspace

Problems and Controversies Surrounding Myspace

As much as the good things that myspace to persons of all ages, there are things that myspace seemed to have lack of power in controlling. Even with the tools that they have, they still have concerns on how to address them. But they are smarting up their ranks and try addressing these concerns as soon as possible.

One of the controversies that caused some problems with myspace was the case that was filed against the website last February 2007. The parents of the kid that was sexually assaulted met the person online through myspace. Because of that, they were charge with fraud, negligence and misrepresentation. Even though the case was dismissed the website was magnified on what are the restrictions and norms they are doing to prevent these things. Under fire because of the accusations, the company created even stricter laws to protect those that are under age.

There was also a report that the website was used by some as a spyware. Someone apparently found a loophole in the system of the website and used it to get vital information of the person. The bug was so powerful that it can take the information of the person looking at a website by simply clicking on a video to play that came from the source or even visiting the front page of the account creator. From there, it will look for the important information about yourself and eventually it will access some offline information and you’ll never know what hit you when you become a victim of identity theft.

Another problem that most of the users have pointed out is that the website has virtually no customer service. There’s no phone number that you can contact and when you e-mail them with your concerns, you can just wish they will answer your questions within 24 hours. Sometimes the answer may never come so you’re better off with the FAQs again. If you’re very, very lucky and you can get hold of the phone number of the myspace headquarters, you can just wish you could talk to them about it. A corporate office won’t even bother talking to you. It’s a burden that we all have to face since the website is free and there’s absolutely nothing that you have to pay for their services.

Lastly of course is the piracy and copyright infringement. Even though the website is not to be blamed, the website is really easy when it comes to posting something illegal for example, placing music online that can be downloaded for free. Streaming music are also the problem of some artists that they clearly voiced out their concerns regarding these add-ons. A simple code embedded on the site are all the users need to do to download and access the music.

Whatever the concern, myspace always answers these concerns and tries as much as possible to protect the users and the artists with regards to the piracy. Especially with protecting the underage, myspace is continuing its efforts to prevent predators to get in touch with the vulnerable under-aged kids.

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