Popularity Of Adult VOD

Popularity Of Adult VOD

Pornography is one of the few things that have a strong fan base around the world. It used to be such a taboo topic, but each year it becomes increasingly popular and more widely accepted in societies worldwide. There are many surprising statistics about the porn industry that are reported each year. It may seem that the United States is the country with the largest adult film fan base, but this is not true.

Asian countries, known for their adult films, have the greatest revenue of anywhere in the world each year. China led the pack last year raking in over 27 billion dollars of revenue, but was followed closely by South Korea and Japan. Below is a list of the top countries that largely support the adult film industry and their leading video porn producers.

1. United States- Vivid Entertainment, Playboy, Hustler, Wicked Pictures and Red Light District
2. Brazil- Frenesi Films, Pau Brazil and MarcoStudio
3. The Netherlands- Erostream, Midhold Media, Your Choice and Seventeen
4. Spain- Private Media Group and Woodman Entertainment
5. Japan- Soft on Demand and Moodyz
6. Russia- Beate Uhse, SP-Company and Dolphin Entertainment
7. Germany- Trimax, SG-Video, GGG, VideoRama and Zip Production
8. United Kingdom- Hot Rod Productions, JoyBear Pictures, Blue Juice TV, Rude Britannia and Fresh SX
9. Canada- Wild Rose Productions, Eromodel Group and Dugmor
10. Australia- Pistol Media

This list may look surprising and a production company that you know to be very popular may not even be on it, but it is important to realize that the adult film industry is enormous and very competitive. It is extremely difficult to be at the forefront of it when there are hundreds of thousands other companies to compete with every year. This is why the industry has decided to take it to the next level with Adult VOD. VOD stands for video on demand and it the most exciting way to welcome the world of adult movies into your life.

This allows anyone who is interested in embarking on a new journey in their life to bring it into their own home. Sometimes driving to an adult novelty shop and buying an adult film can be very nerve wracking and maybe even embarrassing, so with adult VOD you can completely eliminate this problem.

Adult VOD makes it possible to purchase a movie on your computer or even on your television through a local service provider. With adult VOD you can share in the joy of sexual freedom and have no reservations about it.