Playstation 3 FAQ

Playstation 3 FAQ

The release of Playstation 3 last November 2006 has stirred up the market of entertainment system particularly that of video game consoles. The Playstation 3 has been tagged as among the groundbreaking creations of this era; it has changed the way amusement is defined with its advance technology processing power, real time features, and high definition image output. Let’s take a look at some Playstation 3 FAQ to know more about this sought-after innovation:

Playstation 3 FAQ – When was Playstation 3 system officially revealed?
Sony officially unveiled Playstation 3 on the 16th of May 2005 during a press conference at the Electronic Entertainment Expo. PS3’s system and controller were displayed together with an array of game trailers and technology demo; though the majority of clips were CG “estimations” of what its developers aimed for gameplay experiences to be.

Playstation 3 FAQ – When was the system launched?
The Playstation 3 was launched in Japan on the 11th of November 2006, and in the US, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Canada on the 17th of November 2006. Australia and Europe launching has been delayed to March of 2007 due to diodes shortage that is used in PS3’s Blu-ray drive; the rest of the world would have to wait sometime after these dates.

Playstation 3 FAQ – When would it possibly be simultaneously released worldwide?
The fact the Sony has already shipped less than five-hundred dev kits to its developers thus far, and has ramped up its production to three-thousand new units every month till October of 2006; there is actually no official answer as the possibilities of having adequate software and finished hardware to reach a fraction of the world’s demands for PS3 would be rather low.

Playstation 3 FAQ – How much does a Playstation 3 cost?
In the US, the Playstation 3’s suggested retail price is 9 basic and 9 premium; in Canada its suggested retail price is CAD9 basic and CAD9 premium; in Japan it’s ¥49,980 Basic and ¥59, 980 Premium; in the United Kingdom the expected suggested retail price is £425 +.

Playstation 3 FAQ – What external connections and ports does OS3 have?
The PS3 has loads of it, including six USB 2.0 ports, two back ports and four front ports. It also has slots for SD, CompactFlash cards, and Memory Stick. Playstation 3 also includes 3 wired gigabit Ethernet ports, multi-AV connector, optical audio port, and two ports for HDMI.

The Playstation 3 definitely gives a whole new life to video game entertainment with its exquisite innovativeness and unparalleled technology.