Playing Online Poker

Playing Online Poker

Since the traditional poker became available online, more and more people became addicted and aware of playing poker. More and more people now play online poker that the World Series of Poker even recognized players of the game and welcomed entry to the World Series. The World Series of Poker champions for the year 2003 and 2004 gained their winning entry by playing online poker.

As more and more people play online poker, all sorts of complaints started to come up through the surface. Most players claim to observe several instances of “bad beats.” bad beats are usually large hands that are pitted against the others very often that at its going rate it would seem that it is more common when people play online poker than when playing brick & mortar (traditional) poker.

This claim can be justified since it is very evident if one was to play online poker that online card sites deal more hands per hour than traditional poker. So people who play online poker usually see more hands. The rate of people who play online poker that see more of those not probable bad beats or sometimes randomly large deals is increased.

— One Incident Against Online Poker

One site, ProPoker.Com, however, was found to utilize “bots” or software emulated human opponents to play but with the possible knowledge of the cards of the players and the cards are not yet dealt.

It was then forced to shut down, with most of the people who play online poker at the site surprised at losing every penny they bet on the site.

Since then, several bodies giving out certifications such as Kahnawake Gaming Commission, and also big auditing firms like Pricewaterhouse Coopers have been reviewing online poker sites and soliciting reviews from people who play online poker to improve their standards for certifications.

These commissions review the shuffle and payouts for some sites for its fairness.

— Differences Between Online And Traditional Poker

** No Psychological Playing

People who play online poker have identified distinguishable characteristics between the online and traditional poker gaming.

One major difference that people who play online poker have identified is visibility. People who play online poker have observed the obvious, people who play online poker does not face each other before a table. They do not sit across each other.

The most important aspect for people who play online poker is diminished. No psychological aspect is available. Each person who play online poker no longer observe other people’s reaction or body language.

This can be seen as an advantage by some people who play online poker. It is seen instead as a way where people who play online poker can focus more seriously on patterns of betting. Aside from the patterns of betting, people who play online poker usually observe the reaction time and other behavior that usually are not physical in nature.

It is accepted by most people who play online poker that it is a game that usually demands at most adaptability from the players. In fact, successful people who play online poker can readily learn to improve their mastery of the new territories of their poker game.

** Increased Rate of Play

Another difference observed by people who play online poker is the rate of poker play. In the traditional casinos, the card dealer needs to collect the poker cards, the dealer will then shuffle the cards and deal the cards after each hand.

Due to the usual slow methodology of dealing poker games in traditional casinos, the average rate of card play of people who play online poker is only around thirty hands for each hour.

People who play online poker, however, attest to the fast pace of card play. They usually do not experience these delays in shuffle and dealing. The shuffling and dealing are all instantly done.

There is also no delay when applied to counting chips (this is for a pot split among players). Also, the people who play online poker claim that the play is much faster due to the “auto-action” buttons. The auto-action buttons is where the poker player can select an action before every turn. It is therefore not common for people who play online poker to be given an average of about fifty to eighty hands for each hour.