Passing The Time In The Air

Passing The Time In The Air

If you haven’t flown before or you’re an expert at flying, you may find that long airline trips can be quite boring if your airline has not sort of entertainment such as televisions, radios, etc. While some people can sleep on a plane and make time fly, others have trouble passing the time. This is why we’ve created some great ideas on how you can pass time while flying.

Call or research your airline

Before you hop on your plane, hop online and do your research on what kind of airplane you’re flying. The newer the airplane, the more entertainment you’ll have. Some airliners such as JetBlue have satellite radio, satellite TV, movies, and everything else under the sun while other airliners have nothing at all. It’s important that you call up the airliners and ask what kind of entertainment they will have on board.

Bring a book or magazine

This one if the most obvious and if you don’t like to read, then we suggest you skip over to the next entertainment step. Reading a topic on something you enjoy can really make the time fly by. Whether it’s a magazine or a book, make sure that you bring something you know you’ll enjoy reading. If you’re going to be on a long flight, make sure you bring the proper amount of reading material. A ten page magazine for a five hour flight won’t do.

Electronics are your best friend

IF you own any type of electronic like an IPOD, laptop, DVD player, etc., make sure that you bring it. Airliners will allow you to use electronic equipment once you reach a certain altitude. The only times you can’t use these items are when you’re taking off and landing. When you do bring an electronic item, make sure that you bring plenty of battery power. Most airlines don’t have outlets that you can plug your equipment into.

Plan for the kids

If you have kids, it’s important that you have entertainment for them. Try and think of what they do at home to make the time fly and bring this onto the airplane. You have to remember that you’ll be on a plane filled with other people trying to pass the time. A whining or loud kid will not make the other passengers happy. Books, toys, and food are always a kid’s best friend.

Bring something simple

If you’re afraid your entertainment pack is going to take up a lot of space, think of small things that will pass the time as well. A perfect example is a deck of cards. If you’re traveling with a few buddies, you can play a small game of poker or you can play the games by yourself such solitaire. Other small items might include a little handheld casino player or even a crossword puzzle book.

When you’re ready to travel, it’s not that hard to think of entertainment ideas. With technology growing, you’re going to be able to even surf the internet up in the air. Make sure you just look at your daily habits on what keeps you entertained. Take these hobbies and apply them to the air. If you can do these simple steps, the flight will go by in no time!