Non Alcoholic New Years Eve Party Planning

Non Alcoholic New Years Eve Party Planning

For many people New Years Eve and alcohol are synonymous. Many people simply cannot image a New Years Eve party without alcohol but each year many people opt to host a non alcoholic New Years Eve party. There are number of reasons why an individual or group might decide to host a non alcoholic New Years Eve party. These reasons might include a large number of minors at the party, religious preferences, previous tragedies involving alcohol or simply lifestyle preferences. Whatever the reason for hosting a non alcoholic New Years Eve party, it is important to plan your party carefully to ensure it is a great deal of fun for everyone who attends.

If you plan on hosting a non alcoholic New Years Eve party you should make it clear from the early stages that the event will not include alcohol. One way to do this is to include a statement on the invitation specifying that alcohol will not be made available during the party and that you would appreciate it if guests do not bring their own alcohol. Additionally, you may include a statement specifying the reason why the even is non alcoholic but you are not obligated to do so. In the case of parties involving minors it may seem redundant to specifically state there will be no alcohol at the party but it is not exactly an unnecessary step. Although minors are not permitted to drink, unfortunately many of them find ways to sneak alcohol into parties. Furthermore some parents even permit this outrageous behavior. Including a statement specifying the New Years Eve party will help to reassure the other guests and their parents that alcohol consumption will not be allowed or tolerated.

When planning a non alcoholic New Years Eve party, you still have to worry about the type of beverages you will serve to your guests. It is not reasonable to expect your guests to not drink any beverages during the evening so you should provide a wide variety of non alcoholic beverages for their consumption during the party. Some beverage ideas include sodas, water and juices. Additionally, you might want to consider serving drinks known as mocktails. These drinks can be made in a variety of styles, colors and flavors and are essentially non alcoholic versions of popular cocktails such as martinis, pina coladas and margaritas.

Although the beverages choices as a non alcoholic New Years Eve party may be one of the most important planning issues the host has to take care of it is certainly not the only party planning issue the host faces. It is important to note other items such as food and entertainment will also have to be addressed.

Regardless of the type of beverages you are offering to your guests, you will also have to plan on serving them some type of food as well during your New Years Eve party. Although this is true of any party, it is especially important to consider for a New Years Eve party because these parties typically last significantly longer than other types of parties. Popular food options for a New Years Eve party include serving a sit down dinner, offer a dinner buffet which is open throughout the night or simply offering appetizers and sandwiches throughout the evening. Still another option is to offer a breakfast buffet in the early morning for the guests.

Entertainment is another factor to consider when planning a non alcoholic New Years Eve party. Music is one of the traditional entertainment elements often used for this type of party. Whether you hire a band, hire a DJ or play your own music, including music and a place for guests to dance is an excellent entertainment idea. You might also consider hiring a comedian to do a short performance or a group of actors to put on a show to entertain your guests.