New Zealand Casinos

New Zealand Casinos

The beautiful island nation of New Zealand has always been a hot tourist destination. From lush green valleys to a great indigenous culture, travelers from all over the world consider New Zealand an experience of a lifetime. However, tourists don’t always want to go on tours of beautiful nature preserves or check out cultural landmarks. Part of being on vacation is to have some fun and see some of the nightlife of a new place. New Zealand has a great series of six casinos which combine the carefree spirit of New Zealand with the games that people know and love.

One of the best New Zealand casinos is the Sky Alpine Queenstown Casino in the beautiful city of Queenstown. For those looking for a great dining experience, they can sit down and eat at the modern Wild Thyme restaurant in the casino. After dinner, visitors can take advantage of the more than 100 gaming tables and slot machines to win some money and have some fun. The Sky Alpine has live entertainment on a regular basis and big jackpots for those who come to the casino regularly. The Sky Alpine Queenstown is a great example of New Zealand’s casinos.

There are plenty of other New Zealand casinos, however, for those who want to change their gaming experience. The Dunedin Casino in the quaint city of Dunedin offers a beautiful hotel attached to the gaming floor and an interesting outer facade for those who want to mix form and function. Visitors to the Dunedin Casino can dine at the Gainsborough Room and play bingo, baccarat, and poker at their leisure. Those who are in the Hamilton area can visit the sleek SkyCity Hamilton, which includes two beautiful bars and grills with The Post and the Number Eight Bar. As well, the SkyCity Hamilton offers over 350 gaming tables and slot machines for those who want variety in their gaming experience.

New Zealand’s small but beautiful group of casinos offers the best in gaming and entertainment in the South Pacific. Visitors need to be 20 to gamble in New Zealand casinos, but for those who can enter the gaming area, there are endless hours of fun ahead. Outside of the fine dining experience in many of the casinos, there is a wide range of games that can be played and often live entertainment to enjoy during periods away from the poker table.

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