MTV Music

MTV Music

When I was a teenager, it took a lot to peel me away from watching MTV music videos. I loved music, and I couldn’t get enough of the flashy videos and the larger than life musicians that populated them. As time went on though, it became more and more apparent that though the M in MTV stood for music, it wasn’t really their main focus. After a while, I saw less and less music, and more and more game shows. I can’t even watch the station today, though I am aware that I am now out of their target age group.

Today, MTV music isn’t want it used to be, if you can find it at all. Their schedule is full of reality shows and specials, and finding actually music videos is hard to do. Even worse, the MTV music of today seem to be nothing more than noise, though I guess that just makes me old right? Most of it I wouldn’t even label as music, but I am aware that this is just my opinion. I know that those who are younger than me enjoy it; it’s just not for me.

I haven’t thought a lot about MTV music videos in a long time, but I have started to think about it again. My daughter is getting older and even though I hate the thought of it, I know she will outgrow groups like the Wiggles soon enough, and she will be listening to music that is made for older kids. What scares me is that I can’t find any MTV music videos that I would really want her watching. I guess you could call me over protective, but I think kids are growing up way to fast, and I want her to enjoy the freedom of childhood for as long as she can before she is aware of things like sex and trying to act and look older.

The content of most of the MTV music videos makes my skin crawl. Women have come a long way in the past decades, yet you would never know it by watching some of these videos. Self respect seems to have flown out the window, but to be fair, this has always been the case with most of the MTV music videos that have come and gone in the past. I guess it just seems to be getting worse, and the depravity seems to have gotten worse. I don’t want her identifying with these women. I know I can’t keep her from seeing it forever, but I hope I can hold her off long enough to show her how a real woman should live.

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