Meet The New Microsoft MP3 Player

Meet The New Microsoft MP3 Player

For those of us who are old enough to remember the 8-track tape and the vinyl record, we can appreciate the advancements that playing music has made over the past years. In a blink of an eye we went from large records to small discs; and now, playing music wherever we are rarely requires more than a tiny piece of equipment that can easily fit into our shirt pocket or slip into our briefcase. The MP3 player has utterly transformed the way in which we listen to music. And savvy companies know that in order to stay competitive they have to get in the game. So it’s no wonder that Microsoft has entered the world of this technologically advanced portable music with the Microsoft MP3 player.

An MP3 player plays recorded music that you have stored on the system through the downloading of CDs or the purchase and download of music through online resources. The MP3 technology literally compresses audio files into its smallest size without compromising sound quality. The result of the compression is enough room to store – in some cases, depending on the MP3 player – up to thousands of songs. Better still, the MP3 player is a portable unit often no bigger than a pack of playing cards and can be connected to your car, headphones, or portable speakers to enjoy music anywhere.

Until now, Apple’s iPod has cornered the market in the world of MP3 players, offering a variety of models that complement Apple’s comprehensive online resources. In an effort to level the playing field, the new Microsoft MP3 player – the Zune – has been launched for a waiting public.

This new Microsoft MP3 player promises to further revolutionize the world of music through a variety of high-end offerings previously unseen in the market of MP3 players. With larger storage, a bigger, brighter screen, the ability to share music from Zune to Zune, and a built-in FM radio, the Microsoft MP3 player has greater functionality that its closest competitors to date.

Like Apple and its iPod, Microsoft understands that in order for the Microsoft MP3 player to be its most successful it must offer comprehensive and convenient online resources for users. For instance, the ability for users to transfer music to and from each other is handled through the Zune online marketplace where members can share their favorite tunes.

In addition to storing all your favorite songs, the Microsoft MP3 player also offers video capabilities, allowing users to download video content onto their Zune and enjoy it on its 3-inch LCD screen anywhere they are.

With the ability to enjoy the Microsoft MP3 player anywhere and everywhere, users are sure to enjoy this new member in the MP3 marketplace.