Making a Big Change

Making a Big Change

Today, canvas is the most popular of all art media. From fine art reproductions, contemporary art, abstract art, original paintings and digital photos can be turned into canvas prints.

Although canvas is certainly the most popular and preferred medium of painters nowadays, back then the use of canvas for paintings was not prevalent. Until the time comes when the use of canvas was seen as a solution for oil paintings to prevent deterioration, it radically changed the nature of paintings.

Printing on fine art materials such as canvas and watercolor papers is often referred as Giclee which is a French term that means to spray or squirt, which is how an inkjet printer probably works. However, inkjet canvas printer is not the same as a standard desktop inkjet printer, and is much larger at over a meter wide.

Using the inkjet canvas printing process to create canvas prints can provide you a better color accuracy than other means of reproduction to satisfy the rigid print quality followed by the worlds leading artists and photographers in creating masterpieces.

Canvas printing process offer artists and photographers many advantages. For example, if you’re an artist you will put a lot of time and effort into a painting and experience joy selling it, but when it is sold you have to start all over again. However, if you use this inkjet canvas printer, you can sell your work of art paintings over and over again because you can reproduce your art work as much as more as you want. Great idea, huh?!

Inkjet canvas printing has also become popular to the photographers who are applying their pictures to stretched canvas and other digital art papers to give images a whole new quality. Photographers find the quality of inkjet canvas printing to be very appealing. They can also be reproduced to any size and onto other forms of media using inkjet canvas printing.

If you want to create a painting printed on canvas using inkjet printers I strongly advice that you must look for the printer that is using professional 8 or 12 color inkjet. For instance, Epson and Hewlett-Packard these printers are capable of producing very detailed prints for both the fine art and photographic markets. Using rolls of canvas, is another way, printers can produce prints up to 44″ in width and unlimited length. Even professional artists can have a difficulty in telling the original from the copy when printed at a high resolution of 2880 dpi.