Magnetic Hematite Beads

Magnetic Hematite Beads

Magnets have been used in almost all types industries for several purposes. Of the industries that employ it, the fashion and craft industry is one emerging group to make use of it in large quantities. And, one important achievement that the craft industry had made with the use of magnets is the development of magnetic hematite beads.

The magnetic hematite beads are in the first place a rapidly growing craze in the craft and fashion industry. Several bead artists have already used it for creating their own art and jewelry projects. And, with the ever growing number of people considering the magnetic hematite beads, more and more jewelry and craft stores are now emerging to provide the public a wide selection of beads made of magnetic hematite.

Magnetic hematite is a gemstone developed by one sure process – magnetizing of simulated hematite. Note that “simulated” hematites are used here for the reason that the natural hematite does not subject itself to magnetization. It cannot be magnetized, to simply put.

To allow the strong power of magnets contained in the magnetic hematite beads, bead artists have designed and developed their beads by polarization. The sides of the beads are polarized, making each piece useful for clutching hundreds of strands together. This is basically the reason that you see multiple strands of matching magnetic jewelries beautifully aligned.

The magnetic hematite beads are considered not just for their strong power, but also for their heath benefits. Yes, you heard me right. It is believed that the health benefits of the magnetic hematite beads are all attributed to magnetic jewelry. The beads, when used, are said to be capable of maintaining the natural charge of the body’s nerve cells. As a result, bodily aches and pains are eliminated. Aside from that, the magnetic hematite beads are deemed powerful for enhancing the healing process. They can also help make the immune system strong, and they are even great for those who are suffering from insomnia as the beads can increase the quality of sleep.

There is more to be said about the health benefits of magnetic hematite beads. To further give you ideas, many people believe that when the magnetic hematite beads are worn on the wrist, hands, or fingers, it can provide an immediate relief to any hand ailments. And, when worn on the neck or on ears, the magnetic hematite beads can help eliminate light headaches and migraines. While these benefits are perfect for both sexes and ages, it is important to note that pregnant women and those who wear pacemaker are not recommended to use magnetic hematite beads.

Today, jewelries and artistic items made of magnetic hematite beads are sold in almost all craft and jewelry stores. Some are sold wholesale, while others are for individual purchase. The price does vary according to their style and the intensity of their magnetic power.

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