Magic – Does It Make A Difference?

Magic – Does It Make A Difference?

Magic is always… well… Magic no matter who is performing it, isn’t it?

Every magician has the same objectives and those objectives are to entertain, mystify and trick you into believing what he or she wants you to believe. Whether it is just a quick sleight of hand or a full blown professional production, every magician loves to entertain and mystify their audience.

David Blaine is the same person now, when he is performing amazing tricks for millions, as he was when he started performing magic tricks on the streets of New York years ago. His objectives are the same now as then…to entertain, mystify and trick you into believing what he wants you to believe.

Magicians come in all shapes, sizes, ages, races and religions. Magic is universal. Music is the universal language… it is written and played the same all over the world and magic is the universal form of entertainment for both the young and old alike.

There is no need to speak the same language or be the same age, shape, size or religion as the magician who is entertaining you; it’s all about the trick itself and the showmanship of the magician that make magic a universal form of entertainment.

A great trick or illusion is great all over the world again and again, and again.

There are two universal skills that becoming proficient at performing magic tricks requires in every language and by want-to-be magicians of every shape, size and age all over the world, as well.

One requirement (first and foremost) is practice.

Practice, practice, practice! Your trick has to become a natural part of your conversation and your movements. A flawed execution of a trick pulls the curtain back on the magician and the entertainment value plummets.

The other is passion for the art of magic.

Neither can be bought, begged, stolen or sold. It burns within like a flame that cant be extinguished and it is this passion that fuels the desire to practice and hone the skills.

Those who have a burning desire to perform magic tricks are all entertainers at heart… whether they are your 10-year-old nephew who just got his first magic kit or the David Blaine’s and David Copperfields of the world.

So pay attention when that 10-year-old nephew asks you to pick a card… pick any card, you might be seeing greatness in the making.