lil Waynes music-the ultimate music destination

lil Waynes music-the ultimate music destination

lil wayne music is the largest music network in the world providing over 12 billion songs to choose from. The site is simple and user-friendly and is a great place for lil wayne fans. The user can download a software and have access to lil wayne mp3 , lil wayne mixtapes and videos.

In addition to lil waynes the site through the software that it offers provides access to music of several artists and games and movie downloads is also possible. Music from different genre like hip hop, rock , classic, rap to name a few is available to choose from .

Getting started here is extremely simple with the details to be provided being limited to only name, email address and country. The software can be downloaded by anyone who is 18 years or above. The software that the site offers is called mp3rocket . Through the Gnutella network mp3rocket provides access to a whole world of music, movies and games. An internet connection and being logged on is essential for downloading through the Gnutella network. The software is highly user-friendly and has the below mentioned feature:
• Has good download speed and provides superior quality of downloaded content.
• The site provides technical support and there are experts who take you through all the way.
• Superior to other p2p softwares.
• Can download software that is Macintosh and AOL compatible.
• Free software to put all your songs on CDs and DVDs is available.

The MP3rocket software is available for FREE and if you wish to upgrade to a higher version of MP3Rocket, MP3Rocket Pro it is available for a one-time nominal fee. One can pay for the MP3RocketPro either through debit card, Paypal, credit card, e-check or even by mail.

The site respects copyright laws and downloading the software does not provide a license for copyright infringement. The software is a legal software and the site specifically mentions that it should not be used for sharing copyrighted material without permission.

Once you have downloaded the software there are three separate categories to choose from for downloading content. The three broad categories are music, movies and games. Under the music section one can choose from pop, rap, rock, hip hop to techno, jazz, country , heavy metal and blues. Downloads of newly released movies of various kinds like action, drama , classics to romance and science fiction is made very easy. The latest games downloads is possible ranging from sports, racing , action, to simulations.

Overall the site is good for those who love music as there is whole range to choose from in addition there are new , good movies and games to choose too. No downloading charges and no cost per song downloaded is a major attraction for the fans to enjoy quality music now wherever one is at home, in the car or for those lovely parties planned.