Key West Paintings, Sculpture, and Photography – Get the Key West Picture

Key West Paintings, Sculpture, and Photography – Get the Key West Picture

Key West paintings, sculpture, and photography by local artists are the imaginative and realistic embodiments of Key West’s many facets – the stunning sunsets and wondrous wildlife, culture-fests, spirited events, historical-legendaries, and the maverick community in the real-life galleria.

Key West has been a luminary convergence-zone for glorious artistic achievements such as Tennessee William’s plays, John James Audubon’s bird-chronicles, and Ernest Hemingway’s novels. And the historic artistry extends till the current decade as burgeoning artists keep flocking to the Keys. Artists’ works of Key West paintings, photography, and sculpture all find inspiration in the Florida Keys – the pleasing panorama and the total-way-of-life, all central to the daring Key West artist.

Key West Paintings, Sculpture, and Photography Artists and Recent Works:

Fran Decker features fabulous imageries of seascapes, landscapes, and the Key West neighborhood from a whimsical view. The vibrant colors of his Key West paintings in acrylic embody the beauty of the classic conch-houses, historical landmarks, and the tropical flora and fauna – a perfect home. (“B.O.’s Fish Wagon”, “Banana Bay Marina”, “Blue Heaven”, “Fish Feast”)
Susan Kay Holler encompasses a sensuous yet spiritual, realistic yet metaphysical perspective art stock, drawing the viewer into the ‘stories’ of exotic mythic living-forms, human or animal, in print. Her works find inspiration in Key West mythology and Native-American philosophies, with the goal of a ‘Jungian’-journey into the heart, into a “place of tranquility and contemplation, where the spirit can rest and rejuvenate itself.” Her series of graceful underwater nudes takes the viewer to the serene Key West coral-reef. (“Venus Down Under: Into the Light” acrylic)
Annmarie Anderson and her watercolor and multi-media genius catch sight of the Caribbean tropics, garnering honors and giving out charities. (“Pierre’s” sunny-soothing garden-porch painting)
Kim and Ian Workman ‘KIMIAN’ artworks, nurtured by their marine-conservation upbringing, paint the aquatic fish-scenes Key West ‘personified’. The works follow the gyotaku-watercolor-acrylic-ink-method where fish rubbings are enhanced by printing conserved fish onto handmade-paper or canvas then employing coloring-techniques into the rubbings. (“Sunset Celebration”, “Water Fairies”)
Kathy Lancaster photography simply tells that a doctor, educational-leadership mentor, author, and parent can also be an enthused artist in the celebrated Key West artists’-world. (“Arielle” guitarist’s photo)
Dan Simpson holds the brush aside from a soldering-iron and bass-guitar, creating eclectic hippie-travel-music-inspired digital art. (“August Fruit” digital-photo)

Other Titles and Artists:
“Everglades,” photo by Nicholas Bergery; “Fishing Fowl,” sculpture by Doug Makemson, photographed by Karley Klopfenstein; “Going Deep,” by M. Ann Lynch; “Lunch at Herbies,” photo by Susan Thomas; “Moth Wing,” photo by Leo Gullick; “Pelican,” sculpture by Ryan Stimers, photographed by Rob O’Neal; “The Tourists,” by Amy Dean; “Fish Cleaning Table,” sculpture by Lynn Loftus; “An Eggsellent Day” by Janet Mueller; “Side Street South” by Michael Palmer; and “Little Green Heron Hiding” by Jim Salem

Contact Florida Keys Council of the Arts and take home the Keys. Overflowing with inspiration and artistic opportunities, it is the Keys that colors the Key West paintings.