Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts – A Vision Come True

Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts – A Vision Come True

John F. Kennedy had a vision when he was still alive, and that was to produce and present unmatched range of musicals and theater, ballet and dance, chamber, orchestra, popular, and jazz. This vision came true posthumously upon the inauguration of the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts last September 1971. And now, it offers multi-media performances that can be enjoyed by people of different ages.

The most popular festival held every year at Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts is the Open House because it is also the time when the birthday of the center is celebrated. Even if President Kennedy is gone, his vision is still alive. The center touches the lives of people of all ages through the performances of many American artists and of foreign artists as well. The services given at the center does not end at every performance. It also nurtures young artists and new works. It is considered as the principal leader in terms of art education and it creates tours, outreach programs, and broadcasts.

Kennedy Center is regarded as the living memorial of President Kennedy. It is a 17-acre facility that holds over 2,000 performances every year. It is in fact, the busiest of all national arts facility. Through the broadcasts, Kennedy Center is able to reach millions of people all over the world. The outreach programs of Kennedy Center offers free performances of local and national artists and evening concerts held at the Millennium Stage. During the Open House, dozens of special performances are held too. The holiday season is also a time for seasonal music and daily concerts. The internet has helped a lot in the broadcast of the performances online. If you want to view past performances on or after the year 1999, you can find them at the official website of Kennedy Center. Simply click a link to the digital archive of the center.

Commissioning programs are also offered by the center especially for the premier of world performances for dance works and new ballet. US choreographers like Merce Cunningham, Lar Lubovich, and Paul Taylor created the dance works and new ballet performances for dance companies such as Ballet West, Ballet Theater, Pennsylvania Ballet, Houston Ballet, and several other companies.

Residency programs for the annual dance are sponsored by the center. The Suzanne Farrell and Harlem are the two annual dances sponsored by the center and since 1999 the center produced the ballet performances on lengthened hours.

Recently, the center expanded its programs for arts educaton so that more and more people, families, and teachers are reached. The initiated programs of the center are patronized by over seven million people all over the nation. The programs include lecture/demonstrations, performances, music and dance residencies, open rehearsals, master classes, musicians and young actor’s competitions, teacher workshops, and backstage tours.

The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts still aims to get the widest audience to enjoy and take part in the performing arts. Even persons with disabilities are being encouraged by the center to join or watch the programs and performances. You see, performing arts is not just for the abled persons but also for those who have disabilities as well. Visit the official website of Kennedy Center now and find out about their different programs and schedule of performances. You can appreciate performing arts better if you try to participate and watch the various performances live or on the internet.