Jewish Reggae

<H3>Jewish Reggae</H3>

Jewish reggae is a combination of various sounds that were established by the Jewish man known as Matisyahu. He combined traditional reggae sounds with rock and roll. They also take their religion into consideration and you will find it is heavily reflected upon in their lyrics. They are also very conscious of when the Sabbath day is and in honor of it no performances are scheduled. Even though Jewish reggae was around long before Matishyahu his achievements have put it out there for all to see. In 2006 he was named the top artist in the genre of reggae.

Some forms of Jewish reggae that are very appealing to the younger generations have a rap concept to them. Many of these emerging artists are starting to make it big on the mainstream due to their exposure. Rap certainly seems to be a type of music that gets attention. Mixing it with Jewish reggae is just another way to reach the audience that is out there waiting for it.

There are certainly some individuals though that think the Jewish society has been exploited with their reggae music. They don’t believe it is right to mix it with such sounds as rap. Yet others argue there is no difference between it and types of music such as Christian rock and Christian rap. When it comes to the area of music though you will always have many differences of opinion to deal with.

Jewish reggae is just one more form of it that has continued to evolve and flourish in our society. It is a cultural type of music that is influenced by the beliefs of the Jewish sector. There are plenty of places where you can access this type of music. Many of their well known artists have CD’s for sale. You can also listen to Jewish reggae sounds online and read the lyrics to them.

This is one of the many ways in which the Jewish culture strives to get the rest of society to understand them. They also use music as an outlet to pass on their heritage to their children and future generations that they will never know. Jewish reggae does have a great following and if you haven’t heard this type before you may be curious enough to check it out for yourself.

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