iPod Music – the ultimate music experience

iPod Music – the ultimate music experience

iPod music has sold models to over 10 million users. With the growth of iPod users, iPod music among the most sought after kind of music through the Internet. During the second quarter conference of its company, Apple, company executives said that it is actively going for the international digital music market.

In the United States alone, Apple’s iPod and iPod music has a 78% share in the market, while it is also leading in the United Kingdom with 40%. In Japan, Canada and Australia, iPod music is also popular with market shares of 54%, 45% and 58% respectively. Apple Chief Operating officer Tim Cook said that while the iPod is the top portable audio player in these countries, Apple is also eyeing on improving iPod music sales in other countries like Italy and the rest of Eastern Europe, and Asian countries like China and Korea.

Cook said that Apple is planning to make local advertising and distribution points to help boost the sales of iPod and iPod music in these areas. The Apple executive said that there are now more than 35,000 storefronts in the world that sells iPod and promote iPod music. He said that the company is increasing the capacity of resellers in the United States that will enhance and increase the number of channel partners to distribute iPod and promote iPod music in Latin America and Asia.

More gadgets, accessories for iPod music

iPod music can now be played in Teac’s two new offerings. The first one is called SRL-200 that features an integrated iPod dock, digital AM and FM radio tuner with 20 FM station presets, LCD display, and wireless remote. It lets you awaken or fall asleep to iPod music. It sells for 0.

The second offering is called GR-10i. It is a similar clock radio with iPod dock that sports a silver exterior. It also features digital AM and FM radio tuner, LCD display, remote and sleep/alarm functions.

iPod features

iPod can allow you to store up to 15,000 songs and up to 150 hours of video in your pocket size gadget. iPod and its music has surely brought the ultimate music experience both in sight and sound. It is now in thinner and lighter design that is available in white and dramatic black. Its 320×240 pixel QVGA color display allows you to view photos and videos in iPod music and video formats. These are all available in iTunes Music Store by Apple.

You can play more and more iPod music from your iPod with the 60GB and 30GB iPod but without occupying a big space. Incredibly, iPod plays almost countless music and videos yet measures only a half inch thin that can easily pit into your pocket.

There are many gadgets that you can plug into your iPod that does not only play iPod music but videos and slideshows as well on your TV. You can show and share your iPod music and other iPod files. The optional Audio video cable helps you do this and combined with a new Apple remote with an optional iPod Universal Dock, you can easily have control on your iPod music, videos and slideshows from across the room.

You can play iPod music up to 20 hours non stop. The 60GB iPod offers 20 hours of battery life for your music playing. The 30GB can be used for 14 hours non stop. The battery of your iPod can be charged up to 80% of its total capacity in just two hours while a full charge can take four hours all in all.

iPod has become the best travel companion when taking pictures during your vacation. In the absence of memory cards, you can automatically store extra files of pictures in your iPod. The optional iPod Camera Connector helps you do this while playing iPod music. You can connect the cable and transfer the pictures from your digital camera to your iPod. From your iPod, you can view your pictures immediately.

iPod is definitely not exclusive to playing iPod music alone. It has evolved to become best handy player of audio and video files in the world. No wonder that iPod is music lovers’ most favored gadget.

Bono of U2 simply says it all, “iPod is the most interesting artistic creation in pop since the electric guitar.