Instantly slow down guitar solo

Instantly slow down guitar solo

Not at all few are the ones that enjoy going to concerts, regardless of age, favorite music genre or other preferences such as band and/or location. People enjoy going to concerts because their favorite artists or some classic legends are performing at a distance so close to them that it makes everything dream-like. For this reason, amateurs have always tried to reproduce their idol’s performances, especially when it comes down to guitar training. In this process artists have realized the need to slow down guitar solo performances in order to be able to better understand the musical notes, tone and generic riff performing. There are various ways to slow down guitar solo, methods applied worldwide in musical studios, even if there is always a much cheaper and similarly reliable alternative.

Every guitar student has not just once heard a guitar lick that he or she wanted to learn even if it seemed always too fast to follow, making it a very time consuming activity to try to reproduce using the normal playing speed. Trying to learn a part of a song with too much going on or the simple attempt to hear just the piano in a specific performance makes it very difficult for artists to improve their skills. Pulling different instruments out of a song so that you can solo or learn that song using that specific instrument part can be a very tedious if not difficult process. In order to achieve this various studio hardware has been deployed over the centuries to slow down guitar solo so that artists would be able to both track and improve performances.

As expensive as it may be, this type of hardware did its job. With the ability to slow down guitar solo, performers such as Jimi Hendrix or Joe Satriani have been easily followed by amateurs trying to reproduce their riffs and tones with the feeling of a real rock superstar in their minds. This feeling is often emphasized by famous guitarists when they choose to express their skills using terrific guitar solos, parts of songs or individual performances which more than often remain in the memory of all audience, lasting over time in the hearts and minds of many. For this reason, being able to slow down guitar solo made it possible for many guitar amateurs to become their very own superstars in a very short amount of time.

Sad but true, old methods are nowadays obsolete and cannot be considered anymore, especially since the revolution made by the PC in mostly all industries, including, of course, the musical industry. Software products such as the award winning Riff Master Pro have managed to put a lot of the hardware used to slow down guitar solo into the box, making it possible to instantly slow down guitar solos without changing the pitch with a feature-rich interface that allows users to benefit from capabilities such as saving an already slow guitar solo for later training purposes.

This software is helpful for transcribing, working out a difficult riff, helping you learn new song techniques and slowing down music for dance performances while making everything very easy to use and accessible for even a non-technical PC user.

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