In-Car DVD Players, a Must for the Car Enthusiast

In-Car DVD Players, a Must for the Car Enthusiast

With technology advancing in the automotive industry there are certain perks for the consumer when purchasing a car. One such perk is the in-car DVD player.

Most new cars come with the option of a DVD player and LCD screen, some new cars come with it as standard. Either way it’s a great feature to have. You can watch DVD’s anywhere you go in the comfort of your car.

The LCD screens offer decent picture quality and are a reasonable size. The positioning of the screen and the DVD player differs from car to car. Some cars have the LCD screen sitting just behind the mirror, others have it on the back of the headrest.

The DVD’s players can do more than just play DVD’s. They play mp3’s, CD’s so there is no need to double up by having a CD player also.

Most of the DVD players also have a navigation function. This means they have a GPS receiver that shows maps on the LCD screen to allow you to find your way when your lost. This feature is very handy for those long trips down long and dark roads.

There’s no need to be disappointed if your car didn’t come with a DVD player. There are plenty of aftermarket solutions to cater for your needs. Some might see getting an aftermarket system advantageous as they can position the DVD player and the LCD screen wherever they wish. But be warned, the aftermarket systems are pretty pricy and may be a little out of your price range.

Although some safety concerns about these in-car entertainment systems have been raised, mainly distraction to the driver, I believe they are totally harmless. They provide a great entertainment solution for the car, they double up as a stereo system and GPS navigation system, and they great to show off to your friends.