Illustration Art Degree

Illustration Art Degree

If you like to draw, you may be interested in obtaining an illustration art degree. A degree in illustration can be used for a variety of different careers. Many people think of illustrators as those who draw fashion pictures or even cartoon figures. These are two examples of those who have majored in illustration. There are many different facets to this art and the type of illustration that appeals to you will determine your career choice.

Many people who work as illustrators work for print media such as a newspaper or a magazine. They often work as cartoonists or in some other capacity. A successful cartoonist illustrator can have a comic strip that reaches syndication, which is a very lucrative career.

A person who works as an illustrator should be an excellent sketch artist. They should have a thorough knowledge of anatomy and be able to accurately draw a person. Illustrators do not only draw people, but also work on drawing homes and just about anything else.

Take a look at a magazine and notice the sketches that it contains. These were all done by illustrators. People who went to art school to further learn to perfect this natural gift. Illustrators work not only in print media, but also in corporations. Some work as book illustrators, particularly as artists for books for children. Many work for advertising companies where they illustrate campaign ads. There are many different opportunities available for someone who decides to become an illustrator.

Accurate drawing is a gift that not everyone possesses. Because this is a rare gift, a talented illustrator can have many different opportunities when it comes to employment in the field. Depending upon what he or she enjoys drawing will determine the path the illustrator takes towards their career.

Some illustrators who began their careers working for magazines have, over time, become celebrated artists in their own right. One such example is Vargas who illustrated models for different magazines in the 1950s and whose work is highly sought after today. Illustrator are artists in their own right. They normally work with sketching papers and pencils.

Anyone who has the unique gift of being able to draw should think about getting an illustration art degree. Not everyone can draw accurately; it is truly a inherent talent that few can boast of. Those who have this gift can find many career opportunities as an illustrator if they attend art school and obtain an art degree. Although talent is important, it is just as important to learn the craft in art school and get an art degree. This demonstrates that you are serious about your craft and wish to make a career as an illustrator. No matter which direction your illustration art degree takes you, it will be something that you most likely enjoy doing.

There cannot be a more creatively rewarding career for someone with artistic abilities than that of an illustrator. If you have the talent of being able to draw, think seriously of entering art school and obtaining an illustration art degree.