How To Choose An MP3 Player

How To Choose An MP3 Player

The sale of Mp3 players is one of the fastest growing areas of consumer electronics. Whilst the apple iPod is synonymous with MP3 players there are many alternatives that should be considered when you are looking to buy.

The first thing to consider is the amount of storage available. At the lower end of the market a 512mb to 1Gb player will generally hold up to 200 songs. If you have a large music collection then you should look for Devices that offer at least 20 GB’s of storage. In general every 10 GB’s will hold around 2,900 MP3 files

The next thing to consider is portability; if you have an active lifestyle then you will need a player that is small and compact. If you intend to use your player whilst jogging or whilst training in the Gym then a flash based system will be a better choice as they contain no moving parts and therefore won’t skip.

The type of interface is the next thing to consider, will the interface be easy to access and use on the move or will it require 100% of your attention to choose your songs. This is one area that is often overlooked and is one of the major areas of dissatisfaction among users.

The final area to consider is how the device is powered, many MP3 players come with built in rechargeable batteries, whilst these are very convenient and can last for a long time, if you are not able to recharge them or don’t have access to a computer with a usb port you then you will need to wait to charge the player up.

The best deals for MP3 players are available online but before you buy make sure you know what you need. The right MP3 player is an excellent buy and will remain in use for many years, the wrong one will soon be consigned to the bottom drawer.

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