How Lead Singers Get Noticed

How Lead Singers Get Noticed

So you want to be a good lead singer and front a popular band or even an orchestra? If your answer is yes, then do you have a distinctive singing style or are you singing songs with the style of other singers?

What I mean is that how are you going to be different and stand out from thousands of other bands and singers doing just cover versions and imitating the singing styles of their favorite bands and lead singers?

Here are some tips on how to develop your own distinctive singing style. Firstly, go view the performances of famous singers fronting their bands from various musical genres. Notice how distinctive they are as each singer deliver the songs with their own natural distinctive style.

Let us take a look at some of the more distinctive singers starting off with Mick Jagger of The Rolling Stones. Take note of how he pouts his lips and strut cockily on stage exuding sex appeal and confidence at the same time. The style has become his distinctive trademark. It is Mick Jagger’s personal branding and only imitators of Mick Jagger do what he does and imitators will remain just that, imitators.

Fronting your band and get noticed allboils down to personal branding so that you are perceived to be different from others and thus attract attention and notice.

I am sure that if I name you some more popular lead singers, you will immediately associate with that singer mentally having a clear mental picture of that singer during a performance.

Take Elvis Presley, Earth Wind and Fire, Bono of U2, Madonna, Kate Bush, Cindy Lauper, Michael Jackson and even The Village People for example. I believe that with each of these names, you will conjure up a mental images of the singers and how they perform. Why is that so? It is because of their distinctive singing style ie personal branding.

Next, take notice of how these singers keep time and rhythm when they move on stage? Watch which action, vocal range and style during the delivery of their songs appeal to the crowd and how they whip their audience into frenzy. Take note of their facial expressions and body language at each stage of the song and how they tell an emotional story with the lyrics of the songs that can get people teary eyed.

Then learn and borrow some of these traits from them, and develop them with your own unique style blended in.

Once you have developed your personal singing style, the next step is to rehearse with your band thoroughly. Your band must know what you want such as when do you want to bring the song to a climax or when to bring it down to tug at heartstrings, when to pause in order to create an impact and other technicalities of the songs you will be performing.

Go buy some good music sheets so that the band can play together with the same music sheets and scores. If you leave them to play by ear, the band members will interpret the songs in their own way and you will also waste time and energy to get the band to play tightly together. You don’t want your band to listen too often to the original version either because by doing that, they will also be playing in the style of the original song and again, will not be distinctive. Do the musical arrangements yourself!

Once this is done, rehearse until the band and you are inseparable components of the song and when that is done, you are now ready to front a good band as its lead singer and get noticed as a singer in your own right!