How Do I Put Music On My PSP?

How Do I Put Music On My PSP?

Sony Playstation Portable or PSP has become very versatile in terms of its applications and functional approach. The initial thought of having a portable game console have paved the road of multi-tasking and multi-function console, it sure has out grown its creativity from creator. The PSP console is more than just a game consoles, it has the capability as a portable video & movie player, web browser, personal organizer, music player and more.

I’m going to share with you how do I put music on my PSP and making it my universal digital walkman. It is a very simple procedure to put any of your favorite music into PSP. Before we begin discussing how to download or transfer music on to the PSP, we must understand that PSP do not accept all forms or formats of music file. Depending on the version of firmware your PSP is loaded. Early version of PSP firmware can only playback mp3 music format and it does not support playback of WMA and WMV audio files, making it less appreciable. However much later, firmware of PSP is able to playback WMA and WMV audio files. To do that on any early version, the PSP firmware needs to be upgraded to playback WMA and WMV audio files directly from PSP. And even if your PSP are able to playback WMA and WMV audio files I would not recommend because of its file size compare to mp3 format.

Generally mp3 music or audio file format takes up far less storage space compare to any audio or music file format. To convert any audio file format is relatively a simple task as lots of mp3 file format converter programs are already available from the internet. You can find huge list of mp3 format converter from the search engine and most of them are capable of converting any music or audio file format to mp3. The procedure provided by most mp3 file format converter program are most dummy proofed. Hardly anyone will find any difficulties in using these programs.

Once you have converted you favorite music files to mp3 then you are ready to put music on PSP. To put music on PSP you first need to connect your PSP to your PC by using the USB cable. Next, you press “Home” button and follow by scroll to “Setting” using the left-right buttons. And finally you search for “USB Connection” and press the “X” button to enter your selection.

On your PC, it will begin to show a removable drive has been detected and mounted on “My Computer” window. Click and open the new removable drive and a folder named “PSP” will appear within the drive. Open the “PSP” folder and you should find “Music” folder from within it. If the “Music” folder does not exist, manually create it yourself.

Now you can begin to put your favorite music on PSP console. Simply drag and drop if you like or copy & paste your favorite music and store in this folder of the memory stick. Once you are finished with transferring or putting your music file onto PSP, press the “O” button on your Sony PSP console to exit your PSP from the USB connection. Unplug your Sony PSP from the USB connection and you can begin playback your mp3 music files and simply enjoy your music anywhere and anytime you want.