Home Entertainment Hitachi Projectors

Home Entertainment Hitachi Projectors

If you are someone who wants your own personal home entertainment projector, and perhaps being someone who has not yet made use of the projector technology for home theater viewing, you can try out the Hitachi projectors line of products.

The PJ-LC9 3LCD Hitachi projectors are worth checking. These can be used for home viewing or for playing video games, or for any other personal use you may deem it fit to accommodate. You can definitely enjoy the features these Hitachi projectors are packed with.

The physical dimensions are: height = 73mm, width = 285mm, and depth = 202mm. The weight is 2.2 kilograms. These PJ-LC9 3LCD Hitachi projectors are very compact and easy to set-up. Depending on what may be to your liking, these are highly flexible. These projectors are not needed to be permanently installed, but can be done so if desired. It’s all really up to you.

Connectivity with other electronic devices as TV digiboxes, DVDs, VCRs, game consoles and family computers are supported. This would make a complete package for a personal home entertainment. You get to enjoy these other technologies with the widescreen quality projections provided for by your PJ-LC9 3LCD Hitachi projector.

PJ-LC9 3LCD Hitachi projectors have a native 16:9 resolution, making it very capable in producing high quality widescreen images in true color. These produce 1,300 ANSI lumens and with excellent color reproduction make these ideal for multi-media purposes

These have digital vertical keystone correction feature which allows the users to project a squared screen even in very high or low positions. At 2.9 meters away, the diagonal screen produced is 80 inches. At 2.2 meters, the diagonal screen produced is 60 inches.
These also come with motion adaptive progressive scan and a zooming facility.

With the PJ-LC9 3LCD Hitachi projectors’ noise level of 33dB, surely nothing will distract you while viewing your favorite movie, or playing those favorite computer and video games. No interference from any noise for your complete hearing and viewing pleasure.

Truly, these PJ-LC9 3LCD Hitachi projectors are ideal for your personal home viewing experience. Especially when you don’t want to entirely dedicate a room for home theater viewing, these Hitachi projectors would fit your needs. Being compact, these projectors are easy to store when not yet needed, and easy as well to take out when you want a big screen viewing at your home. You can truly enjoy a big screen home entertainment in the very comforts of your own home.