Having A Ride With Vintage Bicycle Posters

Having A Ride With Vintage Bicycle Posters

Bicycling became very popular ever since Baron Von Drais invented the bicycle in 1817. During these years, poster making was a chief advertising tool, and a lot of vintage bicycle posters have been created through the decades that bicycle posters eventually turned into an art form. Vintage bicycle posters rose out of several countries such as England, United States, Russia and Japan. The French was also aggressive in their advertising through the use of posters. Michelin, one of the main manufacturers of modern tires, was also aggressive in using bicycle posters to advertise their products.

There were many artists who concentrated on creating bicycle posters, such as Leonetto Cappiello, Jean de Paleologue, and Jules Chéret. Many artists followed suit. Even in the contemporary age, bicycle artists are still very much at large.

What You Need To Know
Original vintage bicycle posters are extremely hard to find these days that a lot of people has resorted to reproductions. High quality reproductions are made from the same litography process as the originals, and would cost from 0 to 0. The word ‘vintage’ has been thrown around nonchalantly, and was used in regards to films, musical instruments, clothing lines, and many other commodities. Other than referring to old merchandise, it can also be attributed to style and fashion. Thus, a clothing line branded as “vintage” could only mean that it used a style that was considered chic many decades ago.

So a general rule of thumb before purchasing a vintage bicycle poster is to know the difference between the two. The last thing you want to happen is be overpriced upon buying a “vintage” poster that was created just recently. Just to have a point of comparison, a cheap “vintage” poster sells for to . Authentic vintage bicycle posters are usually not in perfect condition. So expect signs of wear or creases when you finally find one. This is because almost all of them are printed on very thin paper.

The appraisal of the poster will also depend on the degree of wear, so don’t forget to keep this under consideration when you decide to sell or purchase a vintage bicycle poster. How you collect vintage bicycle posters is entirely up to you. You can choose by artist, era, style, or brand. The type of art can range from art deco to art nouveau. It is imperative that you familiarize yourself about the various designs, pricing, and the trends in the market. The internet is a great tool for this. Also, the city market shops might have vintage bicycle posters for sale. And should you be lucky enough to have bicycle poster exhibitions held near your location, do not pass up the opportunity to attend.

Final Advice
It’s important to remember that having fun with the act of collecting is just as important as thinking about how much money you can earn. The sincere enjoyment of basking in the beauty of the beautiful contraption, how they have evolved through the ages, and the way they have been artistically rendered on paper, are encompassing values that will translate to the success of your bicycle poster business.

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