Greatest Hits

Greatest Hits

Almost any band who is around for longer than ten years will eventually put out a greatest hits album. Most of the time these are good sellers, but most fans who already have all of the albums will not bother to buy. This is why many times the band putting out the greatest hits album will include a few bonus tracks that you cannot get anywhere else. They say they are doing this is a bonus to the fans, but as far as I’m concerned, it is not be more than a gimmick to get you to buy a new album.

I don’t often buy the greatest hits albums even if I love the band. One exception was Journey’s greatest hits. I bought this album because there was one particular song that I had to have, but I did not have any of their other albums. I decided to go with the greatest hits album because there were other songs on there my husband liked. That meant we could buy one album of their best songs without making an investment into all of the albums they had ever produced.

Some fans however, will buy a greatest hits album just because they love the band. I suppose if my favorite singer put out a greatest hits I would most definitely buy it, even if I already had all of the songs. My favorite singer is definitely not well-known, and it will do anything I can to support him. If this means buying an album full of songs I already have I will by all means do so. I guess it is a matter of perspective for everyone, and the purchase is really up to you.

The problem with a greatest hits album is that everyone has a different idea of what a certain band’s greatest hits might be. What was a favorite for one person could be a song that annoys another. When a band puts together such an album, the choice is really up to them. They may choose their favorite songs from their collection, or they may go by album sales. This means that no matter what you think were the best songs the band ever produced, you may not find the songs you like included. This doesn’t mean you cannot buy the album, it just means that you might not be satisfied with it as you had hoped.

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Greatest Hits

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